Doing my own Mini-Challenge, and other things I did today

I’ve used BlogPress before to draft posts, but this will be my very first time doing it live! If I’m going to challenge other Bloggiesta-ers, I should join in too, right?
I actually haven’t spent much time on Bloggiesta today, in all honesty. I did one mini-challenge this morning and worked a little on my Goodreads updates, but most of today was reserved for belated-birthday celebrating with my sister.
First she took me to breakfast at the Firehouse Cafe. I don’t know if it really was a firehouse once, but it’s definitely got a theme.

Then we did a little shopping, and then she took me to the movies to see this:

I thought it turned out quite well–if I have some time during the next few days, I’ll say more than that.
Now Tall Paul and I are off to forage for dinner, and maybe kick back with some TV. Good thing there’s more Bloggiesta tomorrow!
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