Bloggiesta Kick-off! The Best-Laid Plans…

Good morning, Bloggiesta-ers! Who’s ready for some spring cleaning of the bloggy kind? Thanks so much to Danielle and Suey for bringing Bloggiesta back!

I’ve got a few posts in draft that I want to get finished up and scheduled for next week…and since I am NOT doing NaBloPoMo for April, I only need a few posts for next week. But my
primary task for Bloggiesta weekend falls into the general category of “catching up on reviews.”

I’m actually current on reviews here. However, I want to set up my Goodreads account as my primary review archive, so I need to get all of the reviews posted there. It’s a project I’ve already started, but my goal for the weekend is to get it finished–and by “finished” I mean “caught up,” so that future updates keep pace with the blog. And I’ll get to count my work for Janicu‘s Bloggiesta Goodreads Challenge, too!

The Mini-Challenges are such a good source of inspiration for Bloggiesta projects, and there are lots of new ones this year! Suey has the complete list, and these are the ones I want to check out:

Danielle has collected all of the Mini-Challenges from previous Bloggiestas, and there are some excellent ideas there too. (I created my blog favicon and gravatar thanks to a Mini-Challenge during the Summer 2009 Bloggiesta.) I plan to explore “10 Things Bloggers Should Not Do” at WordLily ((Winter 2011)–just to make sure I’m not doing them!–and “Analyze Your Blog!” at Bookish Ruth (Summer 2009), which I’ve done before, but not for a while.

I also plan to participate in my own Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge using mobile blogging appscare to join me?

Good luck with your Bloggiesta goals, and wish me luck with mine, would you please?

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