Day at the Museum: Stuff I Saw at the Getty Villa

This past Sunday was much too nice a day to stay in and watch some football game, so we drove out to Malibu–not to go to the beach, but to visit a museum. 
Did you know that a “museum” means an institution filled with the presence of the Muses? It says so right here!
And at the Getty Villa, that’s quite literally true…
The Getty Villa showcases its collection of Greek and Roman antiquities in a setting inspired by their place of origin, situated in the hills with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

The pools are only ornamental–no swimming allowed.
And no sitting on this throne, either (which doesn’t look very comfortable anyway).
 The Temple of Herakles is quite impressive, but the layout of the floor tiles made me just a bit dizzy.

Jewelry and blown glass…

…perhaps once used by some of these fine people…

…who would eventually end up in some place like this.

Someone’s watching! It looks like this guy could have been the in the world’s earliest minstel show.
It was a rather tiring day, but a gorgeous place to spend it!

More photos from the Villa

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