The 2011 Indie Lit Awards: Ready, Set, NOMINATE!

Indie Lit Awards season is officially open!

Nominations for the 2011 Independent Literary (“Indie Lit”) Awards – the book awards chosen by readers – officially open today, and will remain open through December 31, 2011.
Nominations are being accepted in seven genres (edited to correct links – thanks, Serena!)
You can find the nomination form for each genre through the above links. You may nominate up to 5 books per genre, but each nomination must be submitted on a separate form, and you may not submit multiple nominations for the same book. Children’s books are ineligible, but YA nominations will be allowed this year. The nomination period has been extended in order to allow late-2011 publications to be eligible.
Additional information regarding the nomination criteria can be found at the Indie Lit Awards website. 
I’ll be talking more about this in the Sunday Salon, and throughout the fall. Start thinking about the best 2011 books you’ve read this year, and give them a shot at the Indie Lit Awards!

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