Sunday Salon: The “So much for that” edition

The Sunday

As promised, I’m back with an update about my Reading Days. It won’t take long…because they didn’t exactly go as I’d hoped.

Jury duty isn’t such a good opportunity to catch up on your reading when you actually have to serve on a jury; they kind of like you to pay attention in the courtroom. I was called up for the very first panel last Monday morning, but that jury wasn’t accepted until Tuesday morning. Fortunately, it was a short trial with a quickly-rendered verdict, and I got Thursday and Friday off, but those weren’t terribly productive book days either (although I did get current on a lot of your blogs, even if I didn’t leave comments). I did get one Shelf Awareness review done yesterday, though.

Today, I’m reading for another September SA review and my own re-read of The Handmaid’s Tale (progress post still planned for this Wednesday, participants!), and I’ll be starting on a BlogHer Book Club read later this week. I’m running behind on the September Faith and Fiction Roundtable reading selection, but will get to it as soon as I can and join the conversation before posts are due.

With all that going on, I’m not sure I’ll be around Blogland all that much this coming week, aside from the above-mentioned progress post and responding to the final Weekly Geeks prompt. A Saturday of coughing and body aches has me suspecting that I’m coming down with something, so there’s a possibility that the next few days will be spent on reading and recovery (oh, and working – I’m due back tomorrow!) and not so much ‘riting. All things considered, I am already looking forward to the upcoming three-day weekend!

BBAW 2011 - Graphic (500px wide)

By the way, The 3 R’s Blog has been nominated to the Long List in the “Best Eclectic Book Blog” category of the 2011 BBAW Awards! The judging panel will decide if it gets to continue to the Short List and the voting round, so if this is as far as we go, thank you for the recognition – it is indeed an honor to be nominated!

Hope you’re having a fine weekend (and that you’re not coming down with something)!

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