Sunday Salon: The Reader’s Digest Edition

The Sunday

I’ve been suffering from a case of “can’t keep up with anything” this week, so my Salon discussion today is largely a recap of what I have managed to keep up with (with links, in case you haven’t been able to keep up either!).

** I did manage to commit to some weekend reading time last Sunday, and I plan to do it again today. While my husband spends part of Father’s Day at the movies with his daughter (a second viewing of X-Men: First Class for him, first time for her), I’ll be camped out in my reading chair at home, continuing to work my way through Anthropology of an American Girl (I’m in the last third now, but my review date is Wednesday, so time is of the essence!).The real trick will be continuing to D.E.A.R. on weekends when I don’t have a 600-pager in my hands, and next Sunday will be the first test of that!

** I’m hoping that we’ll be scheduling some D.E.A.R. time during the Great (California Book Bloggers) Escape, which I’m helping to plan for late September! You don’t have to be a California book blogger to join us, but we are “escaping” to somewhere within the state, so you do have to be willing and able to travel here! We have a form you can complete if you think you’re interested in going – no commitment! – and hope to announce more details during the next couple of weeks!

** I’m giving away a Lifetime Membership to LibraryThing, but before you jump to the entry form, I hope you’ll read my love letter to LT. And if you love LT too, please share some of your favorite features in the comments.

** The “Enlightenment for Readers” edition of the Shelf Awareness newsletter launched on Friday, and will be coming to your inbox twice a week with book news and reviews of each week’s 25 best new books – subscribe via e-mail (it’s free!) so you don’t miss anything! (Disclosure: I am a contracted reviewer for the Readers edition of SA.)

One more thing to tell you: The 3 R’s Blog now has a Facebook page. I hope you’ll Like it!

Reviews since last report
A Canticle for Leibowitz, by Walter M. Miller Jr. (Faith and Fiction Roundtable)
Upcoming reviews
Silver Sparrow, by Tayari Jones (EDIWTB Book Club)
Love Child: A Novel, by Sheila Kohler
Kindred Spirits, by Sarah Strohmeyer
Where You Left Me, by Jennifer Gardner Trulson

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