Week-End Review: Links and such, such as they are…

I know, I haven’t been around much lately, and my posting may continue to be erratic for the rest of May. The audit at work is winding down (yay!) and I’m done with physical therapy (also yay!), but I’ve got several reading-and-reviewing assignment deadlines coming up soon, and a couple of BEAs – actual and Armchair – to prepare for, so blogging time remains at a premium. That applies to my blog-reading as well as posting, so the link collection today is pretty small and spans a couple of weeks.

With apologies in advance to my small number of male readers (which I suspect may be getting even smaller by the week), the next few items here are probably not going to do much for you. Might I suggest you check out my nerd culture post from earlier this week, if you missed it? Or this reflection on the uncomfortable similarities between politics and sports these days? Then come on back for a some more reading-related reading!

OK, gals, now that they’ve been distracted…

The problem with romance novels is that they can create problems with your own ideas of romance…

…not to mention problems with perceiving literary merit in women’s writing, given that most romance fiction is authored by women. However, it’s far from the only type of writing that women do, and it’s not a type I happen to read much, personally, although I do read significantly more books written by women than by men. Part of this is driven by my feelings about “the sisterhood,” but it’s also because, like Amy, my reading preferences lean toward stories about women, by women.

Also: Does being a woman mean you must also be a lady? And another analogy which may resonate more with women: Creativity and community – is blogging a new version of the knitting circle?

Are we all back now? Moving on…

PSA from Sheila: Blogging and reading can be a real pain in the neck sometimes

Here’s a system for managing polygamous reading – would you try it? And do you think it’s time to develop a standard star-ratings system for book reviews? (I have to agree with one of the points made in that post: the ability to assign half-stars in LibraryThing is one of the many reasons it’s my preferred book site.)

A New England literary pilgrimage sounds like a fine vacation idea for book lovers of either sex (via Kim on Facebook). But if you prefer a more budget-friendly escape, don’t forget that tomorrow (Saturday, May 7) is Free Comic Book Day!
Now, tell us about something interesting that you’ve read or done during the last couple of weeks!

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