Sunday Salon: The “on-the-fly” edition

The Sunday
As some readers know, my blogging habit is to write my posts in advance and then schedule them to publish. I didn’t have one written for today and had thought I’d skip this week’s Salon, but as I skimmed my Reader this morning and saw others’ posts popping up, I felt the urge to join in. This will probably be relatively short; it wasn’t a big week for reflection.
It wasn’t a bad one for reviewing, however. I posted my review of Jennifer Haigh’s new novel, Faith, here on Wednesday as part of its TLC Book Tour.  On Friday, I participated in the BlogHer Book Club with a review of Jean Kwok’s popular first novel, Girl in Translation, now available in paperback. Both are recommended. 
By the way, Haigh’s novel, as a 2011 release, will be eligible for nomination in the Literary Fiction category of this year’s Indie Lit Awards. I’ll be sharing a couple of exciting new developments in the ILAs later this week, so please watch for that update!

And speaking of, it has a new dedicated Books page! If you’re a book blogger who hasn’t yet joined this community, what are you waiting for? In addition to fresh bookish content, there will be Featured Bloggers regularly highlighted on the page – and I’m honored to be the first one :-).

I’m still reading A Canticle for Leibowitz; fortunately for me, we’re delaying the start of the Faith & Fiction Roundtable discussion for a few more days. With luck, I’ll get further with it today; I’m roughly 2/3 done.
BEA is just a week away! I recently asked some experienced BEA-goers to share some advice for newbies; I’m finally getting that compiled and will post that later this week as well. If you have some tips to share, it’s still not too late to get them in! 
And if you’re not BEA-bound – or you are, but you’re like me and will be double-teaming – please watch for the Armchair BEA schedule to be posted this week too!
No comments on the Great Blogger Outage of 2011, because I had a blogging “outage” of my own last Thursday and Friday and missed the whole thing. If you’re a Twitter follower or Facebook friend of mine, you’re probably aware of the health crisis my family experienced late last week; I’ll be recapping all of that here in a day or two. For now, I’ll just report that we came home from the hospital on Friday night, and my husband will be undergoing a good deal of outpatient follow-up and some short-term lifestyle changes that he’s not at all happy about. I also want to thank everyone who posted messages of their thoughts, prayers, and support during our hospital experience (please keep them coming, because this isn’t all over yet!) – I’ve never doubted the good of social media, but it was gratifying to see it at work personally!
We’re hoping for a peaceful Sunday around here – I hope yours will be, too!

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