Filler: The Pre-BEA Edition


We’ll make this quick – just to fill you in before the weekend starts…

1. I see not nearly enough time to do all the prep I want to do before leaving for BEA!

2. I have three books with reviews pending that I have to start reading from scratch (so they’re coming with me!).

3. They begin tossing books into your hands as soon as you arrive at BEA, don’t they?

4. I wish I had as much time for reading now as I seemed to have so many years earlier. 

5. This I know: Even though I may never read all the books I already have, I’ll still acquire more!

6. If you don’t have plans for dinner next Tuesday night during BEA, maybe we can meet up!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to leaving the office with a semi-clean desk, tomorrow my plans include some shopping, some writing, and some reading and Sunday, I want to get my packing done and not stay up late doing it (my flight’s at 7 AM, and that shuttle will be picking me up WAY too early in the morning!).

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