Week-end Review: The Friday Fives

Five I found:

Do you believe these dozen truths of social media?

Are you “writing reviews,” or “sharing your thoughts” about the books you read? Also, this author says: a good review may not necessarily be the best review

Got bookstores? Megan’s call from the land of the bookshop-deprived: Don’t take them for granted! Meanwhile, Chris suggests that book-borrowing may have benefits for booksellers too.

It never rains in SoCal: a native debunks that and other myths of weather perfection. And by the way, it didn’t rain – or snow – on the Academy Awards and their $75,000 swag bags

Publishing the old-fashioned way – you know, on paper – may not be as near death as some believe. And as published in any manner, should there be a new name for the increasingly popular “novel-in-linked-short-stories” literary format?

Five from me:

  • This is it, y’all! My shoulder surgery was six weeks ago today, and this weekend I will start leaving my sling off for extended periods. I’ve been back at work for four weeks with a mix of working from home and catching rides (many, many thanks to my brother-in-law, who works in the same neighborhood and has generously chauffeured me), but on Monday morning, I will drive myself to the office for the first time since January 20.

  • I’ll be starting either 4 or 9 weeks (can’t decipher my doctor’s writing) of biweekly physical therapy next week, and will see my orthopedist again on the 28th – perhaps for the last time? I guess I’ll find out then.

  • My fourth Blogiversary is coming up in less than two weeks! I’ve got a few things planned, so make sure you stop by on the 15th to find out what they are…

  • Is it too soon to ask if you’re planning to go to Book Expo America and the Book Blogger Convention in New York City in May? Have you heard that we’ll have the chance to check out BlogWorld Expo too? I’ll be there for the first time, and for almost the whole week! I have booked my hotel and bought the plane tickets, and I really need to get to work planning the session I’m moderating at BBCon. Will I see you there?

  • I’m thinking I won’t see anyone at BlogHer’11, though, even though it’s in San Diego and a relatively easy drive away. I’ll be in SD just two weeks earlier for Comic-Con (only three of the four days – don’t ask), and it’s starting to feel like just too much. Watch this space for a chance to buy my BlogHer ticket…

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