Week-End Review: 5 things from me, and 5 (links) for Friday

Five things from me:
Looks like things are going well 2 weeks post-shoulder surgery! The incisions are healing nicely and the X-rays look good. I’ve been given two new exercises to do 2-3 times per day. Otherwise, I’m to stay in the sling and basically try to forget I even have a right arm for another 4-5 weeks, and I see the ortho again on February 21, exactly one month after the surgery.

Aside from being unable to write or drive, I should be physically OK to return to work next week as planned. Whether I’m mentally ready to return to work next week as planned is another question entirely, but I’ll be doing it anyway – telecommuting from home – starting on Monday.

I can do even more things one-handed than I thought I could. Related: I need more clothes with buttons and wide necklines.

I was given a DVD of the entire surgery. Guess what I’m NOT planning to watch…probably ever? I’ve never even been that big a fan of doctor shows (the Doctor notwithstanding).

I seem to have lost some of my taste for coffee, but I’ve found it for Earl Grey tea.

Five (or more) Links for Friday
(OK, I lied for the sake of alliteration – it’s more than five links this week. But not too much more!)

It’s a shame that they had to take on this project at all, but it’s an important and helpful one: S. Krishna and Literate Housewife have produced a six-part series on copyright infringement – identifying it, finding it, and stopping it.

And after that – just because sometimes we need reminders that people DON’T suck – a “kindness-of-strangers” story.

While I pessimistically considered optimism this week, April remains optimistic about pessimism

When working at home is more work than anything; home decorating with books (because you know you can’t read all of them all the time)

Redefining the “reading vacation” – hotels with literary themes. (A stay in one might not leave you with much cash for the bookstores, though.) Also redefined: the Harry Potter/Severus Snape relationship. Not necessarily redefined, but reconsidered: Anna Lefler has assembled a round-up of the most current theories regarding that age-old mystery: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” (Self-promotion alert: one of them is mine.)

If you really don’t care that this is Super Bowl weekend and would just as soon escape into the pages of a good book…take comfort, you’re not alone! Jenn’s Bookshelves is hosting “The Big Game’s On! Read-a-Thon” this Sunday, February 6. It’s a low-key day – no rules, just read! – but will include mini-challenges with the chance to win prizes, so sign up now if you haven’t already!

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