Week-End Review: 5 for Friday, and a few more

Five things about my week:
  • After two weeks of resting and recuperating, I went back to work this week, but I didn’t actually go to work – telecommuting FTW!
  • Monday was very tiring and my shoulder was feeling it on Tuesday. Wednesday was better, but by yesterday my energy was pretty well used up.
  • The only real drawback I find to telecommuting is that data travels very slowly between my computer and the remote server.
  • The upside to slow data transfer is that it means I get a few minutes to wander over to the other computer and see what’s happening online while I’m waiting for files.
  • I only worked a four-day week – I’m off today. My plans include a nap.
Five things I found online this week (some, but not all, while waiting for data to travel), plus a few more:

Similar surgery, role reversal – someone else’s shoulder story, because y’all have heard more than enough about mine!

An argument suggesting that the recent language revisions to Huckleberry Finn might not be an entirely bad idea. Speaking of language, here’s this week’s punctuation and grammar lesson!

Mom’s Day Out at the Medical Marijuana Clinic

The rules of engagement for a group blog: define them before you start one!

Fond memories of the Scholastic Book Club …which, BTW, is still around for your kids in a lot of schools. Did anyone else buy Dynamite magazine faithfully?

The Official Confession App for Catholics – yes, it’s endorsed by the Church! (via @BookaliciousPam)

The super-short course in the history of Doctor Who, via Nerdist (via my husband)


And since the holiday’s just around the corner, here’s the Valentine’s Day gift guide from the 99 Cents Only Store, which has everything you’ll need NOT to impress your honey. Maybe you should try an NPR Valentine instead…

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