A (Weekly) Geeky Friday Foto – and by the way, it’s Delurking Day!

I’m not a consistent Weekly Geek these days, but the first assignment of 2011 is a fun one:

This week, for a Geeky assignment, how about a picture? A self portrait of sorts. I think it would be fun if you all took a picture of yourself (or have someone help you most likely) reading your current book (so we can see what it is) in your favorite reading spot. Then post it! It can be a Wordless Weekly Geek if you want! Or explanations included if you want that. For examples of what I mean, check out this popular site…only ours will be called “Weekly Geeks Reading Books!”

It’s hard to take a picture of yourself doing anything except taking a picture of yourself in front of a mirror, so I enlisted my husband’s aid to capture this:

This is me in my favorite reading spot at home, where I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like. I probably get more reading done in bed at night or at Starbucks than I do here these days, to be honest, but I didn’t think y’all needed to see either of those places.

I’ve had this little chair and its matching ottoman for about twelve or thirteen years. It was always intended to be my “reading chair,” but for the first several years I had it it lived in the master bedroom and wasn’t well-situated relative to the light, so it didn’t get used for its intended purpose till I moved into my own place in 2002. Ever since, I’ve always placed it in the living area and set a lamp nearby – you can see the lamp behind it now, in its cozy little corner of the front room. The chair is on the small side and perfectly scaled for me, and there’s a handy table right next to it for my water bottle or coffee cup – and more books, of course!

If it’s not clear from the picture, my current read is The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, one of the Nonfiction finalists in the Indie Lit Awards.

The word has come down from on high – well, really, from Chris at Rude Cactus – that today is DELURKING DAY 2011!
On this day, those who don’t normally comment on the blogs they read are cordially invited to do so and make their presence known – and of course, those who do comment often shouldn’t hold back either! Because things are kind of crazy in my world right now, I may have to extend my own comment visits into Delurking Weekend. You’re welcome to do the same if it works for you – just come on by and say hi, please!

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