Tuesday Tangents: Early Christmas Gifts!

I set it under the tree for a few days, but in the end, I couldn’t hold off on opening the package I received from my Secret Santa in the Book Bloggers’ Holiday Swap! Santa checked my list and chose one of the books on it to send me, along with a some Christmas-themed decor (if I don’t use the cookie cutter for its intended purpose, it could always be an ornament).

Many thanks and best wishes for the holidays to Alyce of At Home With Books!

Last Wednesday, I received what I think I wanted most for Christmas this year – a right shoulder freed from a sling! I returned to my orthopedist that day for a follow-up appointment – exactly four weeks after he re-located my shoulder and had me start wearing the sling for 20-plus hours per day – and he told me I no longer needed to wear it unless I wanted to. Guess what I chose?

However, it’s a gift with conditions, and the Ultrasling and I will be having a reunion next month.

We also talked about my MRI results at that appointment. They showed three injuries to the shoulder, including a tear in the rotator cuff; fixing that means surgery. It’s arthroscopic, outpatient surgery, but surgery nonetheless, and it’ll be followed by another six weeks in the sling, a couple of months of physical therapy, and a full recovery period of six months to a year. We’ve tentatively scheduled the procedure for January 21, 2011 – a Friday, so I can start recuperating over the weekend, but I should probably take a few days off work the next week for that too, huh? (A few Facebook friends reminded me of the compensation of some good reading time…)

But if all goes well, I’ll be long out of the sling and recovering nicely by late May, when I’ll be traveling back to New York City for my first trek to Book Expo America and attending the second annual Book Blogger Convention! Speaking of which…

I received a gift (of sorts) from the BBCon organizers shortly before Thanksgiving, but I’ve had to keep it to myself until the official announcements were made last week. Check out their website if you missed them, but I’ll share just one:

I have been invited to moderate the workshop on Blogging for a Niche Market. The organizers have assembled a panel of bloggers from nearly every book-blogging niche you can think of for this session: 

Katie [Babbling About Books and More] – Romance
Sarah, Erin & Jenny [Forever Young Adult] – Young Adult
Amy [Passages to the Past] – Historical Fiction
Thea [The Book Smugglers] – Sci Fi/Fantasy
Rebecca [Rebecca Reads] – Classics
Jen [Jen’s Book Thoughts] – Mystery/Crime Fiction
Jill [Rhapsody in Books] – Non-Fiction
Jennifer [Reading Rants] – Kidlit/Librarianship
Mitali [Mitali’s Fire Escape] – Diversity
Cass [Bonjour, Cass!] – GLBTQ
Tanya [Dog Eared Copy] – Audiobooks
Florinda (me!) [The 3 R’s Blog] – moderator

As a book blogger without a particular niche, I’m thrilled to be moderating this panel, and I’m excited about developing this into a great session! Other workshops at the BBCon:

Navigating the Gray Areas of Book Blogging
Meet the Publicist
Technology for Blogging

Practical Challenges of Blogging   

And in related news – registration for BBCon is now open – and it includes your pass to BEA. Be sure to subscribe to Book Blogger Convention feed to stay up-to-date on all the exciting plans that are afoot!

Are you planning to go to BEA (May 23-26, 2011) and/or BBCon (Thursday evening, May 26, and Friday, May 27)? If you are, I hope we can meet up!

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