Week-End Review: Links & Whatnot, Ides of October edition

Whatnot, just ’cause:

I’m still over here waving my purple banner for Alzheimer’smy Memory Walk is next Saturday, October 23 – but can’t forget that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Given the abundance of pink ribbons on all sorts of products in the stores right now, I’m sure you can’t forget it either. But think before you pink – some of the companies that practice “cause marketing” this month are actually contributing only a tiny fraction of the money from these sales to cancer causes, and you’ll make more direct impact with a donation of your own. But just as with Alzheimer’s, research is what really will make a difference…and in response to the urgings of Susan (Whymommy) and others, I’ve signed up as an Army of Women volunteer and potential research participant. It costs nothing – and you don’t even have to be a woman (seriously!).
On to the linkosity!

These are weighted – more serious posts up front, lighter stuff toward the end. I’m pretty sure you’ll see the transition, but I wanted you to know it was intentional.

I don’t have a good capsule for it, but this story of a restaurant outing gone very wrong may be the most affecting post I’ve read this week – thank you, Julie Pippert. But this reflection on facing flaws was also very affecting, but in different ways – so thank you too, Miss Britt.

Bullying doesn’t just affect the victims – here’s a message to the perpetrators.

Do “X minutes per grade level per day” of homework and annual testing milestones really forward the purpose of education: guiding kids to understand how things fit into the big picture?

Once opinion gets mixed in, it’s not reporting – or, why the blogging, tweeting “citizen journalist” is an oxymoron

OK, National Preparedness Month was last month, but it’s not too late to get that emergency kit together and be ready for any disaster (including the zombie apocalypse!)
Getting a little bit meta with this one: does link-love achieve what we expect it to? Also a bit meta, but very solid advice: 8 ways to be a better blogger

I’ve been loving Popdose‘s series on imaginary Beatles albums from the ’70’s, compiling solo tracks that theoretically could have worked as group efforts if the group had still existed (and making me want to find some of these songs for my own collection – when will the Apples come to terms and put the Beatles on iTunes?)

Speaking of the arts…is patronage making a comeback?

Expert advice on how to be annoying on Twitter

Have a great weekend!

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