Flea Market Finds – Tuesday Tangents (on Thursday)

It’s been almost four years since Tall Paul and I visited the monthly Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, but since we didn’t have the kids this past weekend, we decided we’d go if I wasn’t too beat after the Readathon on Saturday. I wasn’t, so we hopped into the car on Sunday morning. We’re definitely not hard-core about these things – by conventional wisdom, our arrival at nearly 10 AM could have very well meant that all the “good stuff” would be gone.

And maybe it was. We have no way of knowing. But we did see plenty of “Who would BUY that stuff?” stuff.

I actually do know someone who would buy these – a family member has a “Nipper” collection:

Want to re-do your house early-20th-century style? You might be able to use these:

But I don’t really want to think about why you’d use these (anatomically-incorrect, mostly) mannequins:
It’s the Rust Menagerie!

A cowboy tableau:

A little Big Boy and a whole squadron of Alien Life Forms:

After we’d been walking around for awhile, it occurred to me that some of the merchandise might be useful for set props, and production people might be in the market for things like empty TV-dinner boxes and ’50’s-era furniture. There are plenty of people who like to buy old jewelry and clothing, not to mention vintage comic books and movie posters. But the influence for some of the “artwork” seemed to be something other than artistic inclination (hallucinogens, perhaps?), and I really don’t know any reason to buy this except to scare those kids off your lawn:

I bought a set of cups and saucers with a matching pitcher (old), and a couple of hats (new). I hope we go back again some time in the next four years. Do you enjoy going to flea markets and swap meets? What do you like to buy?

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