(Birthday) Week-End Review: Questions, links, and Fill-ins

Question of the Week: How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

My birthday is this coming Monday, March 29. I view birthdays as our own personal holidays, although as I’ve written before, my birthday isn’t truly my own, since my mother had it first. But it’s still my day!

I like to celebrate my birthday over a full weekend when it works out. Last year, it fell on a Sunday and my stepkids had no school the next day due a teacher in-service; we took advantage of Disneyland’s “free admission on your birthday” promotion – which they were doing only during 2009, so don’t get your hopes up! – and spent the weekend in Anaheim. This year’s plans are nowhere near so lofty.

This year’s birthday-weekend plans are rather nebulous, actually. I think we’ll be taking in at least one family movie this weekend, maybe two (How to Train Your Dragon and/or Diary of a Wimpy Kid), and I get to choose where we have dinner on Sunday. Other than that, I guess whatever happens, happens.

I have one birthday rule: unless there’s something critical happening at the office to prevent it, I don’t work on my birthday. If my birthday falls on a weekend and I wouldn’t be working anyway, I still take a vacation day on the Friday before or Monday after. Who wants to ruin a birthday by spending it at work? Anyway, that means this will be a three-day weekend with a vacation day on Monday. I hope to meet up with my sister and possibly another friend (not at the same time), read, and maybe do some writing. Since I killed my book-buying ban last weekend anyway, I just may kick its carcass to the curb for good and treat myself to a bookstore outing. I don’t know what else I’ll do with my day, but I know I do not want to do any chores, and I will not get up at 4:30 in the morning!

Dispatches: Links of the Week

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Friday Fill-ins #169

1. The right word in the right ear at the right time may open the right door.
2. The baby’s finally asleep! Just make sure he’s settled in the crib and shut the door quietly, please.
3. Up the Junction (I know it’s not a full sentence, but it IS one of my favorite Squeeze songs!)
4. Prowling through the bookstore is where you’ll find me.
5. Ooh! What is that song you’re listening to?
6. Leaving a little early to beat the traffic is a good idea (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t).
7. And as for the weekend, I shared those plans in answering my Question of the Week!
Have a great weekend – even if it’s not your birthday!

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