Week-End Review: Travels around the blogiverse this week

Audience Participation: Blogger Input Requested!

Two items – one regional, one worldwide:

  • If you’re a Southern California book blogger or author, have you given your input on a new site to help build up our connections to each other? If you missed the post about that earlier this week, or just haven’t responded yet, please read all about it and take our very short survey!
  • Become part of a very ambitious project to collect one single favorite post from bloggers all over the world, no matter what they blog about (as long as it’s in English) – pick out your own from your 2009 archives, and then find out about how to include it in The Golden Haiku!

New Arrivals in my Google Reader

Becca’s Byline
Bookstack (also by Becca)

Dispatches: Links of the Week

(Not a huge collection this time – I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my blog-reading this week!)

Money may just be the one thing that’s too personal for mom bloggers to blog about. Somewhat related: There are many great reasons to start blogging – making money really is not one of them

Reporting on Blog With Intergrity‘s webinar with the FTC

Some people are spending this month writing novels…and some people will be their editors

Should we tell them the truth, or let them keep believing?

Kids and their potty talk – such a bad influence! Somewhat related: watch out for those (Freudian?) slips of the tongue

The apocalypse had BETTER not spoil her birthday!

“There’s No Treatment For That,” via Not Always Right

Tech Support | Torrance, CA, USA
Customer: “Hi, I had my computer looked at there, and you guys said that it’s running slow because there are probably bugs in it. Well, I sprayed some bug spray in it and now it won’t turn on.”
Me: “Ma’am, when they tell you bugs, they mean computer viruses, not an actual bug.”
Customer: “Well, what can I spray it with to get rid of the viruses?”

Some people’s computers need to be repossessed. Now.

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  1. I haven't been keeping up with my reading either, so you've made it easier! The golden haiku looks like an interesting project, in particular.

  2. The last bit made me smile. My husband works in a the IT field and one of his co-workers years ago told me that they had determined that many of the computer problems were PEBCACs (problem exists between computer and chair). I always hoped he wasn't refering to me! 😉

  3. Kristen – We usually just call that "operator error." My husband and I have decided that most of the time when his mother calls him about a computer problem, that's the cause :-).

    Bryan (JaRFool) – That's what I hear from my husband, too :-). Just forget about Google Reader and get your posts here!

  4. I'm so far behind with my Google Reader that I am not sure I'll ever catch up. I've given myself permission to use that "Mark As Read" button, which helps some.

    Thanks, as always, for the great links!

  5. Wendy (Literary Feline) – I used the ol' button last night. Thanksgiving Day did manage to keep me unplugged, and I decided I could live without catching up on everything for a day or two :-).