Weekend Review 9/26: Travels across the Blogiverse this week

I know where I stand in this debate, but haven’t figured out how to articulate it yet: are families bonded by blood more “real” than families that aren’t? Also, the good and bad of single parenting in the suburbs

Your blog is where you’re free to express what you want to share – and to keep what you don’t want to share to yourself.

Feedback and failures, successes and soul-searching – you don’t have to know the first thing about BBAW to understand where Amy‘s been

How to improve the travel experience – for your fellow travelers

A few days late for National Punctuation Day: a new grammar guide

Letting other people have experiences so you don’t have to: eating those brined eggs-in-a-jar

New Arrivals in my Google Reader

Nick Hornby’s new novel Juliet, Naked is out next week, and Popdose has the first chapter! (I may be buying this one for the Kindle – can’t wait!)

Thoughts on reading with kids and growing readers from a life-long reader and new stepmom

Do book bloggers tend to stick to the non-controversial?

As blogging and social media blur the divisions between readers and authors, can we still be objective when we review their books?

Ten signs that you might be a book blogger; some ideas about promoting new book blogs

How would you like to, literally, live in a (former) library? (Got a spare $2.7 million lying around?)

LibraryThing nails down the difference between geeks and nerds

On tap this weekend:

  • Trying to stay cool as our triple-digit Southern California heat wave continues
  • A little writing, a little more reading
  • The return of The Amazing Race

…and my stepdaughter’s 15th birthday – with chocolate cake!

It’s the first weekend of Fall – hope you won’t be raking too many leaves!

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  1. Wendy (Literary Feline) – I'll thank you for the birthday wishes on Katie's behalf :-). Tomorrow's the big day, but I'm baking her cake today – she won't mind getting a head start on it!

  2. A great summary and link round-up, as always, Florinda. I'm totally on board with the article about TMI! I'm a firm believer in "you're never in private when you're in a public place" … and what place in more public than the archives of the internet!?

  3. Thanks for rounding up all the stuff I didn't know I wanted to read, as usual, and including my rant this week! I think the answer to the question you pose here is yes, book bloggers do tend to stick to the non-controversial and it doesn't bother most of us. You'd think I'd have gotten a few more people wanting to argue with me, otherwise.

  4. Dawn – "You're never in private when you're in a public place" is so true. I wish some people understood that when they're having very personal, and very loud, cell-phone conversations!

    Jeanne – Heh. You make a good point. We're even agreeable about being agreeable :-)! But I think part of it is that a lot of us tend to seek out, and stick with, bloggers whom we find agreeable and with whom we have more common ground.

    David (Dadshouse) – Did you read the excerpt? It sounds really good, especially if you loved High Fidelity. (And it's nice to know you've stopped by even when I don't have a link to one of your posts :-D.)