Weekend Review: travels across the blogiverse this week

Random self-promotional updates

I mentioned this in yesterday’s TBIF post too; I’m part of the team that’s helping out behind the scenes with preparations for Book Blogger Appreciation Week*, and the next couple of weeks are going to be in high gear for that. If I go missing for a bit over here between now and early September, it’s BBAW’s fault. I know; I always say things like that and then I don’t disappear after all, but this time I really think I mean it! (Hey, how can you miss me if I won’t go away?)

*Last night, I learned that I received one more BBAW Award nomination – Best Commenter! And that one does not go through a panel, so I will be asking for your votes between September 7 and 12! (Every little bit helps, but I know who deserves to win that one…and she’s a regular commenter here.)

Anyway, posting during the next couple of weeks may be much less frequent than usual, in the interest of preserving a sliver of my sanity (not that I have much more than that anyway). Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about it, though; according to this, blog post frequency isn’t that important any more.

New Arrivals in my Google Reader
NONE – can you believe it? It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve barely kept up with the blogs I already read, so never mind discovering any new ones!

Dispatches from across the blogiverse

Contributors to the regional blogs in the Silicon Valley Moms Group explored the topic of health care this week (I had a few words to say about it), but we’re certainly not the only ones thinking about it these days. For example – two colonoscopies, two very different bills; also, an American birth in a London hospital

“Schoolhouse Rock” for grown-ups: MOMocrats launches Wonk 101, a multi-part primer on the legislative process; also, ten commandments for politicians

New advertising opportunities meet an old line of work

Differing approaches to parenting are highlighted by differing reactions to remarriage

Maybe you can’t go home again, but maybe you really don’t need to

Two kinds of people: grateful and snarky – or, just a little snarky about “gratitude”

It’s just talking…

Granted, I was a bit disillusioned that my university’s Job Placement Office didn’t actually “place” you in a job – but then I realized that getting a job was my job. Apparently, the graduate who is suing her college because she’s still unemployed doesn’t quite get that…(original news story)

Define “flirting.”

College football fans (are there any of you here??): Left Field Bluffs’ SEC preview (disclosure: the blogger responsible is my son Chris, Tennessee ’07); the world according to this year’s incoming college freshman class

A long overdue honor: congrats to the Mythbusters as “Nerd Men (and Woman) of the Month“!

Highway Robbery,” via Not Always Right:

Gas Station | Australia
(A customer comes to the gas station register and hands me his credit card immediately.)
Customer: “I was looking at the liters display instead of the price.”
Me: “Yeah, I hate when that happens. Let’s see what your total is.”
Customer: “Well, I shouldn’t have to pay anymore than the $20 I wanted to put in.”
Me: “Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that.”
Customer: “That’s bulls***! I’m just going to drive off! Good luck getting your money!” *drives off without paying*
(I call the police who arrive ten minutes later, which is coincidentally when the customer returns–in his haste to drive off, he had forgotten to take back his credit card.)
Customer: “You stole my credit card, you a**hole!”
Me: “Just give me a second sir. I’m in the middle of reporting a drive-off to these police officers.”
Customer: “Haha! So I’m not the only one to do a drive-off from here?”
Police: “Today you are. Please come with us, sir.”
It’s Back – the Blogthings Quiz of the Week!
You Should Watch a Drama
You are thoughtful, philosophical, and introspective. People fascinate you.
You crave drama in everyday life, and it’s probably better for you to sometimes get it from a movie!

You’re the type of person who can talk for hours, and you never mind a movie that’s heavy on the dialog.
You analyze every aspect of your life, and you like a movie to provoke you a bit. You rather be disturbed than feel nothing.

What Kind of Movie Should You Watch Tonight?

We’ll need to start it early, though, or I’ll fall asleep before it’s over!

Enjoy your weekend – there’s not much summertime left!

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  1. I just told my husband this morning that college football starts 2 weeks from today. I'm excited, but will admit that I'm worried about the Hokies first game against Alabama – one of the SEC teams your son wrote about.

  2. Rebecca – That one came via one of my moms'-blog friends. I have to admit it made me feel a little bit better about a few things :-).

    Kathy (Bermudaonion) – Chris and his blogging partner James will hit all the major NCAA conferences, but as a Vols alum, Chris has a special attachment to the SEC. And based on what he said about the Tide, you may have reason to worry about the VA Tech/Alabama game. Good luck Hokies!