Weekend Review, 6/20/09: This week around the blogiverse

Bulletin Board – SoCal Local edition

*** Do something funny this summer! Comedian Amy Anderson will be conducting a six-week Stand-Up Comedy Workshop starting in July – click on that link for the details about the classes, and Amy’s professional credits. No, I’m not taking the class, but I know Amy through the Los Angeles Moms Blog, and I promise you – she’s very funny!***

*** I mentioned earlier this week in my review of The 19th Wife++ that author David Ebershoff is alsoThe 19th Wife: A Novel by David Ebershoff on a “real” book tour to promote its paperback release. He will be in the Los Angeles area on Monday, June 22, discussing and signing books at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena. I’m excited about my first visit to this prominent indie bookstore and my first author signing! If you’re planning to be there too, please let me know in comments here or @reply me on Twitter! (I’m going directly from work and will probably be in Pasadena early, looking for a place to grab something to eat.) Meanwhile, David talked about his favorite bookstores in a “Spotlight on Bookstores” guest post at She Is Too Fond of Books earlier this week.***

++Don’t forget that I’m also running a giveaway of The 19th Wife – entries are open until Friday, June 26. See the review post for instructions on how to enter!

Newbies in my Google Reader
Thursday Drive, via Wheels on the Bus
All of the following arrived via Twitter:
Ms. Bookish
Bailey’s and Books
Yule Time Reading

Dispatches from across the blogiverse

The sum of all…wedding vows

Strength in diversity? Or unity (according to my high school’s motto)? Or some of both?

Remembering when bloggers communicated with each other more than they pitched to each other

Doctors, nurses, and patients are all people first – lessons in “bedside manner”

Taking the day off leads to getting the day right

When you hear the whistle
The pitfalls of teaching your kids honesty

So, I’ll never be tall, but I can act like I am?

Things someone else learned from The Real Housewives of New Jersey (so I don’t have to watch it now, thank goodness!)

Beware the naked statues (there are pictures!)

For those of you who don’t have an in-house Apple guru like I do: switching over to Mac from Windows, and what you need to know about using your new machine

I'll Be Hiding in a Corner
(I’m not kidding. I chose this badge for a reason.)

Tips for the first-time BlogHer-goer (that would be me! how about you?) from one who knows the ropes

Rules are for other people, via Not Always Right

Retail | Staffordshire, England
(We have a 5-item max policy for our changing rooms. One lady walked out with arms full of stuff, then went back for more.)
Me: “Excuse me, it’s only 5 items in the changing rooms.”
Customer: “Well, it’s never been that before.”
Me: “Actually, we’ve been enforcing it for the last 18 months. See, there’s a sign.” *points at sign on wall*
Customer: “I don’t actually read signs.”
Me: “Well, at least you’ll know for next time.”
Customer: “Oh, I won’t read it next time, either.”
Bookmarks: Reading-related reading

You know you’re a book blogger when…you have a Top 10 list (which I don’t think is entirely exclusive to bloggers of the bookish kind, either!)

“Inspired by” another story, or books re-mixed (a post which gave me some insight as to why I didn’t like A Family Daughter quite as much as Liars and Saints)

The Take A Chance Challenge, hosted by Jenners at Find Your Next Book Here, offers seven different ways to find books to read at random and expand your reading horizons. It’s ongoing through November 30, and you can find the details and sign-up info on the challenge announcement post.

Enjoy your weekend – and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

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  1. Marie – I wish I had come up with that one. Trish really nailed it, didn't she?

    Sheri (A Novel Menagerie) – Glad that you checked out some of the links. I've been enjoying your Writer's Block posts on Fridays.

    Beth K. – As ever, you're more than welcome. I should be thanking you for the wonderful material you give me to work with :-).

    BaileysandBooks – Thanks for adding me to your Reader and Blogroll. Best of luck with your new blog!

  2. I hope you have a great time on Monday. I have not been to Vroman's before either. I thought maybe I could go this next month for another author signing, but it turns out it isn't a good day for me. At least this will give me a chance to go to The Mystery Bookstore, one of my favorite independent bookstores, where Kwei Quartey will be signing the following month. I think you are on that tour as well, yes?

    I enjoyed the links this week, Florinda. Sheri's article about nakedness was especially good. My father was taking several art history classes when I was about 11 and 12 years old, and I remember pouring through his books. I can't remember my reaction though to the nudity–if I even had one.

    I hope Tall Paul has a wonderful Father's Day, and you and your family a great week.

  3. Wendy (Literary Feline) – Monday will be a long day for me, but I'm looking forward to it.

    Yes, I am on the Kwei Quartey book tour too…and perhaps I'll try to meet up with you at the Mystery Book Store signing. That looks like the first date that's not too close to my trip to Chicago for BlogHer.

    I think Tall Paul is enjoying his day – we took him out to breakfast and made chocolate-chip cookies for him :-).

  4. Rules for Other People made me laugh – someone I once knew used to say, about the public, "they don't read, they don't listen, and they don't care".

  5. Magpie – It's all too true, and it bugs the heck out of me sometimes – probably because I tend to be a rule-follower.