Weekend Review, 6-27-09: This week across the blogiverse

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So, are you surprised to see this post today instead of yesterday? Me too! My internet at home went out on Friday evening and didn’t come back till Saturday morning – we’d been having some issues with our connection signal, but we think (hope!) they’re all fixed now.
Following up on one of the Bloggiesta mini-challenges: My blog grade per Website Grader is up above 90% this week (average 92%), from 87% last week. The uptick seems to be mainly due to two changes – I added metadata for keywords and description (once I figured out what the heck it is and how to do it – this article was helpful, as was this meta tag generator), and I renewed my domain registration. In related news, my Twitter grade is 97%, which is way better than when I last checked on it!

I won’t be posting a Weekend Review next Saturday (or Sunday!) – taking the 4th of July holiday off!
Newbies in my Google Reader
Nan’s Corner of the Web
Dispatches from across the blogiverse

Essential link of the week: why mammograms are important, even without a “family history”

This link will be essential if you ever find a bat in your house (and I don’t mean kind you play baseball with)

Father’s Day, Dr.-Seuss-style; giving your kids a normal life

More BlogHer’09 preparation advice

My husband already knew a bit about how to woo a nerdy girl (obviously!), but here are some suggestions for the less fortunate

Bookmarks: Reading-related reading

If you’re really having trouble deciding read next, Lifehacker mentions a few book-recommendation sites you may want to check out.

Book blogs may influence what you want to read, but how about what you want to buy?

Mojo Mom‘s Summer Reading List looks a lot like mine (but I think I’ll need more time than summer…)

“New” novelist doesn’t necessarily equal “young” novelist

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!
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  1. Kathy (Bermudaonion) – Thank Liz at The Park Bench; she's one of my heroes. Maybe I should send that one to my son too – shouldn't he be looking for a girl like his mom :-D?

  2. Not having an internet connection makes me antsy. It's sad how dependent I've become on it. I did the little grader tests and was pleased with the results. I think I went up this week on the Website grader.

    I read the mammogram post when you marked it in Reader (at least I think it was you) and found it really interesting. I do have a history of breast cancer in my family on both sides and so had my first mammogram this past year. It really wasn't nearly as I thought it would be. The bat post reminded me of the time we opened the basement door at a friends house and out flew a bat. Scared us near to death!

    I hope you have a great week, Florinda! I'm off to start the laundry, which I should have started hours ago.

  3. Wendy (Literary Feline) – It was actually the second time this week that our internet (and TV – the same service) went out. The tech came out yesterday; we thought he'd have to replace the router, but he changed a few settings and that seems to have taken care of things. Fingers crossed…but I totally agree. I feel at such a loss when I can't get online.

    I usually do mark the posts I include here as "shared" in Google Reader (unless I find them via someone else's post or link, of course), so maybe that was where you read the breast-cancer post before. I actually don't have a family history of it, but thought it was interesting regardless.

    We've just sent the kids off to Grandma's for the week. We'll be going down to get them on Friday and spending the holiday weekend at her house. It'll be quiet around here.

  4. Florinda, would you mind sending me the HTML you used for your meta tags? I used the format mentioned on the "simpler than you think" blog (the ones generated by the meta tag generator didn't work at all!), but the Website Grader site is still saying I have no tags. My email addy is shereadsandreads(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

  5. I hate when the Internet is out in the house, but havnig the TV out at this same time is crazy! It's like living in the stone age. πŸ™‚ Glad it got resolved. It's always an challenge getting that stuff fixed.

    I actually had a decent Twitter grade. I was surprised. I won't talk about the blog grade…

  6. Jeanne – Feel free to e-mail me if you have any trouble with them (not sure what platform you're using). They're a little quirky; I e-mailed Avis the actual HTML I used, and she said that worked fine for her.

    Mike – That's the hazard of cable modems and integrated service, I guess. I did get some reading done, though, and we did have recourse to DVDs, but it was not all that much fun.

    I wouldn't worry about your blog grade unless Quincy's blog gets a better one :-).

  7. Magpie – I hope they're useful for you! They've caused me to check my website grade more often than I probably should :-).