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*** Laura from L.A. Story was the winner of my Mojo Mom giveaway – congratulations! The publisher has sent your copy on its way to you.***

*** Book bloggers NOT going to BEA (Book Expo America) in New York next week, this is for you (and that includes me!): You’re invited to BEATwittyparty on Friday, May 29, from 8-10 PM Eastern time, on Twitter! Rebecca at The Book Lady’s Blog is working on the plans, so get signed up!

(W)ho doesn’t want a weekend in NYC to hang out with fellow book lovers, meet authors, make connections, and even attend signings by other bloggers? So I suggested that we should have a pity party, nay, a Twitty party, and the concept of #BEAtwittyparty was born.

I’m just in the initial planning stages, but I’m thinking we should pick a time to designate a few hours for everyone to sign on to Twitter and hang out and pretend we’re drinking fabulous (and expensive) cocktails in New York instead of sitting on the couch in our pajamas. Participating bloggers can run giveaways, book discussions, author interviews, whatever makes you happy. It will be an opportunity to connect with each other and our readers and to drown our sorrows.

Newbies in my Google Reader

Amy Anderson: FunnyYellowMom (in the “LA Moms Bloggers” blogroll)
Amy Reads Good Books (a different Amy, in the Books blogroll)
Vroman’s Bookstore Blog (support your local – or regional, whatever’s applicable – independent bookseller!)

Dispatches from across the blogiverse

The economy makes a bad situation worse, but there are ways to help – and places that help those who want to help.

The Internet, where families can hang out – but maybe not with each other

The power of Magical Thinking

When you meet up in person with someone you met online and it feels like you know each other well already – it’s because you probably do.

It’s always a good idea to read the instructions

Sometimes I forget that SoCal doesn’t have the bad-traffic market cornered – but riding this bus might be even worse

The endless TBR stack is all too familiar, but what about all that TBV TV in your DVR?

Speaking of TV…
      Another season of Our National Obsession, American Idol, ended this week – and I have to be honest: I just wasn’t too heavily invested this year. (I would have been happy to watch Season 7 in re-runs all spring so David Cook could win again. Anyone else up for that?) I was also the only one in my house who liked front-runner Adam Lambert at all, which took some of the fun out of it. But Adam didn’t get my votes in the finale; I sent them the other way, and I was very pleasantly surprised by Kris Allen’s win. He’d been winning me over for the last few weeks with his approach to his song selections, and I do tend to like contestants who play instruments (again, Season 7!). I hope both of these guys go on to great careers. Meanwhile, here are five reasons why Kris’ victory maybe shouldn’t have been such a surprise, and a connection between AI and the Newbery Medal (thanks to Natasha (@mawbooks) for Tweeting that link!)

A conversation to make a Van Halen fan cry

This weekend is the “unofficial” start of summer in the USA – are you ready? Take the Vacation Aptitude Test!

One bad apple, via Not Always Right:

(An elderly man approaches me to purchase a Mac laptop for his granddaughter.)
Customer: “Hey, I have some questions about that laptop.”
Me: “Sure, what can I help you with?”
Customer: “That laptop is an Apple, right?”
Me: “Yes.”
Customer: “I’m buying it for my granddaughter, but she’s allergic to apples. Can I get the same one, but in another fruit?”
Me: “…what? You do know that the laptops aren’t made of apples?”
Customer: “Then why display only an apple? It should be a selection.”
Me: “…I’ll get someone to help you.”

Bookmarks: Reading-related reading

A few rules for writers; thinking about how a writer evolves

Adventures in bookselling, volume 15 (Rebecca‘s got some good material for Not Always Right, right here!)

Do you trade books online – or want to start? S. Krishna begins a series on book trading that will discuss various sites that make it possible, starting with PaperbackSwap.

*** Voting ends tomorrow, so this is the last time I will ask you to vote for my dog Gypsy in A Novel Menagerie‘s “Beautiful Baby Contest!” Here’s some encouragement, if you need it:

How can you resist?

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I missed David Cook, too! And while I thought Adam was talented, I was happy to see Kris win…the finale was the first time I voted. Kris was my favorite for the simple reason that he chose songs I love. So sue me.;)

  2. Kathy (Bermudaonion) – Gypsy’s trailing way behind too, and a couple of people I counted on haven’t been able to vote for some reason (problem with the link I sent?). I think Lucy has it nailed, though :-).

    Sheri (A Novel Menagerie) – Thanks! I should have entered THIS one in the contest :-).

    Amy Reads – You’re welcome! I’m always glad to find a new book blog, and to share it.

    Amy – I liked what Kris did with the songs he chose; he came closest to David C. in arranging the songs in his own style, and I had really hoped to see more of that this season. But I think Season 7 is still my favorite over all.