Saturday Review 4-25: This week around the blogiverse

The links are a little sparse this week, folks – my apologies. It has been Hell Week at work, and it’s probably going to last longer than just a week; we’re in the midst of two separate audits, which has made for some long days and led to the use of the “mark all as read” button in Google Reader a few times.

I’ve gone to UCLA for the Festival of Books today – I’ll tell you all about it next week! But I may not get to tell you about much else…I have no posts prepped right now and am unsure how much writing time I’ll have this weekend. Yes, I know I’ve suggested before that things might slow down a bit around here for a little while, but this time I really mean it!

Dispatches from Across the Blogiverse

Reflecting on guilt – or, more accurately, the lack of it; do you think the blogger who was caught in acts of plagiarism felt guilty about it?

Sometimes it seems like one of the hardest parts of motherhood is…realizing that your family actually does manage just fine when you’re not there, even if they don’t do things exactly like you would

Perspective: Facebook, high school, and when whether or not they liked you doesn’t matter

Did you know that you can get kicked off Twitter for tweeting too many times in a hour? More Twitterese: who you follow makes the difference, not who (or how many) follows you; five things wrong with Twitter (none of which I can really dispute, to be honest)

More blogger introspection

Breaking the chain, and telling the tale

A helpful introduction to one of my favorite musical genres (although I don’t know that anyone besides me is actually going to be interested in that link, I’m tossing it into the mix anyway!)

Genius of the week, via Not Always Right:

Government Forensics Department | South Australia

(I work for forensics and often a lot of phone calls about DNA results and what they mean.)
Me: “Good morning, DNA Management Section, *** speaking.”
Customer: “Hi, I got this DNA notification thing. I don’t know what it means.”
Me: “Those are the results for the buccal swab you had done. It’s just for your records to show that you had a buccal swab taken and your DNA was analysed from it.”
Customer: “What do all these letters and numbers mean?”
Me: “That is the sequence for your DNA. The scientists at forensics will use those numbers to match your DNA profile to other samples on the DNA database.”
Customer: “But what do they mean?”
Me: “Unfortunately, I am not qualified to explain this to you. I can however forward your call to Forensics SA, and they will be able to answer your query. All I can say is that the first part is your sex. XX means female and XY means male.”
Customer: “It says XY… so that means I’m male, right?”

Bookmarks: Reading-related Reading

Book-Blog Community Discussion of the Week: Reviewing. What makes for a “good” book review – composition, not content? And as for content, even if you dislike a book, does meanness have a place in book reviews, and do negative reviews ever go too far?

Did you know that, as a book blogger, you can become a non-voting associate member of the National Book Critics Circle? Thanks to Dawn (@toofondofbooks) for mentioning it on Twitter – I joined this week, for whatever that’s worth.

Books that caught my eye this week:
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, by Rebecca Miller (via

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Karen (Scobberlotcher) – Not for the first few days, it won’t. But next week I’ll be out of the office for at least one day – I have jury duty. Weird to consider >that a break, isn’t it :-)?

    Jodifur – You’re welcome; thanks for a great post to link!