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Book, Line, and Sinker and its older sibling, Curly Wurly Gurly
Kathfucious says…, a new venture from Kazoofus’ KathyHowe
Linus’s Blanket
Several new additions via the new review-collection site Paperback Frenzy:
Life in the Stupid Lane
Dog Ear Diary
Write for a Reader
Stephanie’s Written Word
Bloggin’ ’bout Books

Across the Blogiverse

Appreciating the opportunity, and the choice, to be an American

Speaking of choices: These reflections on choosing and being chosen rang quite familiar to me, although I didn’t quite figure out some of them until the second time around. Then there’s the ongoing consideration of the choices and shifting balance between parenting and self

Dressing for successful working from home; saying goodbye to a loyal kitchen companion

Homeschooling religion, or addressing faith with your child when you’re just not too sure about churches (which is pretty close to my own position these days)

On not being asked to the party – a dispatch from the sidelines of mom-blogger-dom

Advice for everyone’s teenage daughters (and step-daughters, and god-daughters, and granddaughters too…); a story about a teenage daughter that reinforces a lot of the points I mentioned in my Weekly Geeks 2009-08 post (my social-issue discussion)

Ways to tell that you might be a writer; how much longer do you think you’ll be blogging (and writing)?

A proposed statute of limitations for spoilers

Ten topics to avoid discussing on the Internet (you might want to think twice about some of them in person, too…)

I had to link to this: an education-themed music playlist – it’s “The Three R’s” and then some!

I was unaware of the existence of the “car nerd” before I met my husband, but the species has been validated: The Park Bench‘s “Nerd Men of the Month” are the hosts of Tall Paul’s new favorite show, BBC’s Top Gear.

It’s the home of country music, and now, it’s America’s Manliest City!

Your teacher was just being nice – it turns out that there really are stupid questions

Blogthings Quiz of the Week
I use a combined last name (courtesy of both my husbands), so I took this “initials” quiz three ways (first, middle, married #2; first, middle, married #1, which I use professionally; first, married #1 as middle, married #2) – same result every time.

You Are Empathetic and Trustworthy
When You Are Comfortable:

You are open-hearted and harmonious. You are a giving person, and you are always willing to listen to people.
People find you to be incredibly kind, sympathetic, and loyal. You can always be counted on.

When You Are At Your Best:

You are very unique and talented. You solve problems well, and you have a creative approach to life.
People see you as straightforward and level headed. You can see opportunities when others only see troubles.

When You Are in a Social Setting:

You are a practical, efficient worker. You know how to go after what you want, and you’re not afraid to work hard.
People see you as a loyal, genuine person. You are down to earth, and upfront about who you are.

What Do Your Initials Say About You?

On my better days, some of this is actually true – or at least, I’d like to think so.

License plate of the week, “Only in LA” edition: IMDB ME

Parent of the week, via Not Always Right:

Movie Theater | San Jose, CA, USA
(I was working the box office when a woman with two young children came up to the window.)
Customer: “One adult and two children for ‘Scary Movie’.”
Me: “Ma’am, I should warn you – this movie really isn’t appropriate for little children. May I suggest another film?”
Customer: “What? Come on, it’s a comedy! It’ll be fine!”
Me: “It’s rated ‘R’. It’s pretty much nothing but sex, nudity and violence. It’s really not for kids.”
Customer: “I’ll decide what is and isn’t appropriate for my kids to watch! Now sell me the tickets!”
(I sell her the tickets. Five minutes into the movie, the woman comes storming back out with her kids in tow.)
Customer: “You didn’t tell me it was THAT bad!
Bookmarks: Reading-related reading

Trish from Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? highlighted two posts that are must-reads for book bloggers:

Twitter for Writers may be of interest to book bloggers too

Books that caught my eye this week:
Serendipity, by Louise Shaffer
Willing Spirits, by Phyllis Schieber

Have a great weekend, y’all! And be sure to stop by on Monday – I’d love you to join me in celebrating my second Blogiversary!

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  1. Great links this week, Florinda!

    The article about Spoilers especially caught my attention. The idea of a time limit on spoilers is an interesting one, but I’m not sure I completely agree with it. I do love his Tweet to Watchmen fans though. I wish I had seen that. 🙂

    I would be tempted to add the obvious politics to the Ten Toxic Things You Should Never, Ever Attempt to Discuss on the Internet- but some people are able to pull it off successfully and I enjoy reading posts by others who are brave enough to express what I am too chicken to say on my own blog. 🙂 I was glad to see declawing cats up there. That really is a topic that creates a lot of heated discussions. It’s safest not to venture into that territory unless you want to start flame wars.

    I need to start composing a review policy. I’d rather just copy and paste everyone elses’. I’m so bad. It’s a good idea. Do you think it will stop people from sending me requests to read children’s books (and I’m not talking about YA)?

    I had such fun reading the No Stupid Questions article.

    I took the little survey three times as well since, like you, my name is a bit complicated. The first round I used my first, maiden, and married initial–which is how I often sign my initials in recent years. And the second is my first, middle, and maiden initial. The third was my first, middle, and married initial, which turned out to be the same as my second attempt.

    You Are Captivating And Original
    When You Are Comfortable:

    You are unique and interesting. You are fascinated by the world, and you’re always experimenting with new ideas.
    People see you as mysterious and enchanting. You don’t realize how much people are drawn to you.

    When You Are At Your Best:

    You are a shy, quiet person. Underneath your shell, you are compassionate and giving.
    People find you to be friendly and welcoming. Your home is a place of comfort to them.

    When You Are in a Social Setting:

    You are a sensitive, gentle soul. You want to save the world… or as much of it as possible.
    People see you as unselfish and well mannered. You truly enjoy being around others, and it shows.

    The second and third responses were the same with one exception:
    When You Are At Your Best:

    You are a glamorous, social person. You love being the center of attention and an object of adoration.
    People see you as charming and charismatic. You are naturally dazzling. You are ambitious, and find it easy to get ahead in life.

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend, Florinda. Can you believe I slept in until 11 a.m. today? I think it was in part because I was up so late last night. My husband stole all the animals away this morning so I could sleep in. I never sleep in that late–not since my teen days. At least I’ll be awake for Grease tonight. 🙂

    Sorry I’ve rambled do much today.

  2. Lenore – Happy to help out :-). In fact, a comment you made to that effect a couple of weeks ago inspired the post I have scheduled for Monday.

    Susan – I have a job that keeps me at my desk for eight hours a day, and sometimes I need a break from the numbers. Don’t tell my boss, please :-)!

    Wendy (Literary Feline) – You know I love your ramblings, Wendy :-). I’m glad you have a little more time for them!

    I assume you’ll be talking about Watchmen if you do Monday’s Movie this coming week.

    I’ve resisted a review policy for awhile myself, and now that I have one, I just hope people read it :-). Even though I’m a mom, I don’t read or review kids’ books either, and it seems like some publicists just expect you to jump at an offer because it’s a free book, regardless. (Granted, they may have reason to think so…)

    Your “when you are at your best” results contrast quite a bit, don’t they? Based on what I know of you, the first result sounds more on-target, but what do you think?

    Grease is the word 🙂 – have a great time at the show!

  3. I read Scalzi’s list already, but today it means more to mean since I didn’t watch BSG last night. Nobody tell me what happened! 🙂

    Yes, there are stupid questions, I ask them all the time.

  4. Florinda and Wendy – I do hope your review policies will be noted. There’s nothing worse than pitches going out under the “spray and pray” theory. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. Most of us really do try to find the appropriate bloggers to pitch and can hopefully build relationships from there. Feel free to send any errant pitchers your policy link to set them straight!

  5. Mike – You won’t hear it from me…because I have no idea. Is that show still on :-)?

    And I think that using odd, possibly stupid, questions as blog-post prompts is an entirely different thing – not saying that you DO that, of course…

    Paula – Thanks for your great advice and feedback on review policies. I hope it will be helpful; I actually did e-mail a link to mine in my response declining a pitch a couple of days ago.

    I’m sure I get fewer pitches than some other bloggers, possibly because I don’t read/blog particular genres and also because I turn down offers. It costs money to send out books; if I’m pretty sure I won’t want to read a particular book, it makes more sense to me to decline the offer and save the marketer some money, as well as saving us both time.