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**** The 18th edition of the Bookworms Carnival will be hosted at Bookopolis. The theme is “Memoirs,” and submissions are due by November 28 – e-mail your links to preferred.stock AT gmail DOT com.

**** I read about The Mother Letter Project on BlogHer. The idea is simple: a husband and father is collecting “letters from mothers to mothers” to make into a book as a gift for his wife (and letter-writers can get a copy too). Read all about it at the MLP blog, and if you’re a mom with a story to share, submit is as a comment on this post or send it to motherletter AT gmail DOT com.

**** As you may have seen, I’m a regular participant in the Weekend Assignment writing exercises hosted by Karen Funk Blocher at Outpost Mâvarin every Friday, and she’s looking for topic ideas. Got one? Don’t tell me – email her at mavarin at (but you can tell her I sent you). And join us one of these weeks, won’t you?

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Encourage Silly
The Bluestocking Guide, added to the Books Blogroll listing
Pillowbook, added to the LA Moms Bloggers listing

From around the blogiverse:
The Silicon Valley Moms Group blogs had a “topic day” this week on the subject of “diversity” – my contribution to the effort is on the Los Angeles Moms Blog.

Little-known facts (or is it “facts”?) about our next President; and some ideas for the future of a former VP candidate (this is actually from about two weeks ago – still playing catch-up with Google Reader!)

Did you think I was done linking to marriage/Prop 8 posts? I did too, but then I read Madame Meow’s perspective, which includes an etymology lesson.

Why suburban moms are annoying (as told by one of them) – and commuting is even MORE annoying.

It’s getting scary out there, and it’s “trickle-down” stress (thanks to April for inspiring that terminology). Somewhat related – what’s so bad about a foreclosure? There’s a good discussion in the comments here that looks at various angles – those caught in “creative financing,” the impact of a slipping economy, and the emotional and community effects. Also, this year’s holiday season: the Season of Need?

Some signs that you might be a mother (and I will be turning this into a meme, since Anna has OK’d it – look for it next week!); when your child notices there are other mothers besides you – and you wonder how you measure up

A lot can happen in thirty years…

So, why don’t we put up Thanksgiving decorations? A five-year-old wants to know

Three things to be thankful for, and that can be very easy to give: compliments, good handshakes, and hugs

I love the semi-obscure stuff that Gael comes across and posts at Pop Culture Junk Mail. This post reminded me about some older YA series I read during junior high – there’s a company that’s republishing a lot of girls’ fiction from the 1930’s-1960’s. Does anyone else remember reading series about Katie Rose Belford, Penny Parrish, and the Jordon family? (Even if you don’t, at least I have some validation that the books actually existed…)

I talked about the LA Moms Blog launch party the other day, and thought I’d share one of my “red-carpet” photos with you (although you can’t see the carpet, our sponsor is very clear).

Photo credit: Laura Joyce/Goofyfoot Photography for

Book wish list/notes
The Almost Archer Sisters, by Lisa Gabrielle
Most Likely You’ll Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine, by Ben Tanzer
The Kept Man, by Jami Attenberg
Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe, by Jennie Shortridge
Dumbfounded, by Matthew Rothschild
Broken, by Daniel Clay

Have a great weekend – get in shape for Turkey Day!

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  1. April – I’m not sure how new trickle-down stress is, but it definitely is seeing a boom these days!

    And thanks! As soon as the photo pool goes public, I’ll link to all the pictures.