Weekly Geeks #21: Name that (first) line!

Dewey‘s theme for Weekly Geeks #21 is sort of a combination group project / scavenger hunt / contest:  Below, you’ll find a list of 100 first lines from books. The basic project is to identify their sources. 1. Look over the list of first lines. How many can you identify immediately? Post these in your blog, with the answer (the book title and author). If you’re not 100% positive of your answer, please Google the […]

Another (stolen) food meme: the sweet stuff

I first found this “Sweet 100” list on Liz Rizzo‘s blog, Everyday Goddess, but I stole this version from Madame Meow at A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!, since she included handy links to descriptions of many of the goodies. (It’s originally from CakeSpy.) It’s the perfect dessert – completely calorie-free! Here goes: 1) Copy this list into your site, including the instructions 2) Bold all of the sweets you’ve eaten 3) Cross out any […]

Ten on Tuesday: I’m with the band

This week’s Ten on Tuesday topic, “10 Bands/Artists that Remind You of High School,” is one where it’s hard for me to stop at ten – so I didn’t. I spent most of my adolescence glued to the radio, and there’s a lot of music associated with my high-school years (which, for the record, were 1978 to 1982). I still listen to the music of some of the performers on this list, but they made […]

Weekend Assignment #237 – Spending Spree: $10K, one week – GO!

Weekend Assignment #237 – Spending Spree: $10K, one week – GO!

In the midst of all this unsettling economic news, Karen is encouraging us to engage in some retail therapy in this Weekend Assignment. Weekend Assignment #237: A long-lost relative dies and leaves you $10,000. But there’s a catch: the will states that it cannot be saved, invested, given to charity or used to pay bills. You’ve got a week to spend it all. (Anything left over will be used to buy tiny wheelchairs for injured […]

Saturday Review 10-11 (12, 13…oh, never mind)

Bulletin Board ****My friend April from It’s All About Balance (whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person last week, when we went to see 9 to 5: The Musical together) is coordinating a second “Blog Blast for Education” on October 24. Here’s her invitation to participate: Talk about your favorite teacher, talk about your consideration of homeschooling, talk about the dilemmas of inadequate funding, talk about your last PTA meeting, talk about your […]

TBIF – Thank blog it’s Friday!

Tuesday Thingers (hosted by The Boston Bibliophile) This week’s question: -LibraryThing’s “Recently Added” feature: Do you look at it? Do you use it for ideas? Is there something listed there now that looks interesting to you? What have you added to your LT library recently? I have to confess that I don’t pay much attention to the “recently added by other members” section of my LT home page for LibraryThing as a whole, but I […]

Weekly Geeks #20: The year’s best (so far), Audience Participation edition!

You may recall that the object of Weekly Geeks #19 was to start compiling a list of book bloggers’ top books published during 2008. This week, Dewey is proposing an expansion on that assignment: Let’s see if we can get our readers to help us come up with our one big top books of 2008 list. The more contributors we have, the more accurately our final list will reflect the book blogosphere’s opinions. So if […]

GUEST POST: Channeling My Mother

Today is the ninth anniversary of my mother’s death. I’ve written about her and her passing here and here, but she wasn’t just my mother – she was my sister Teresa’s mother too. Teresa previously guest-posted here in June, during my road trip, and I welcome her back again today with her remembrance of Mom. ================================= I lost my mother twice. On October 8, 1999, while I was pregnant with my first child, she passed […]

Ten on Tuesday: On TV

This week’s edition of Ten On Tuesday recognizes that fall isn’t just back-to-school season, “it’s back-to-the-couch to-watch-TV” season too. Old favorite shows come back with new episodes, and potential new favorites are introduced (or die within three weeks). “10 Great/Awful Things About Television Today” will be divided into two parts, five of each. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: 200+ channels, and so little worth watching. I guess when you have […]

Weekend Assignment #236: 4th Quarter Projections

You may or may not know that Karen Funk Blocher of Outpost Mâvarin, a/k/a “she who giveth the Weekend Assignments,” is another blogging accountant. (Curiously, none of the blogging accountants I know actually blogs about accounting…) Our profession has inspired this assignment’s title, “Fourth Quarter Projections.” Weekend Assignment #236: We’re now in the fourth quarter of the year, the time when (if they’re not on a different fiscal year) companies have their last chance to […]

Saturday Review 10-4 (good buddy)

Saturday Review 10-4 (good buddy)

(If you got that title reference, you are officially old enough to remember the 1970’s heyday of C.B. radio.) Bulletin Board *****Have you met my new widget over there in the sidebar? I’m participating in the 2008 DonorsChoose.Org Blogger Challenge with the Los Angeles Moms Blog! Your donation – as much or as little as you want – goes directly to support the specific classroom teacher project(s) you choose from this list. (By the way, […]

TBIF – Thank blog it’s Friday! 10/3/08

Tuesday Thingers: Banned Books Week – The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990-2000 (hosted by The Boston Bibliophile) For this week’s Tuesday Thingers, I’ve copied the list of the most-challenged books of the 1990s straight from the ALA website. I’ve highlighted the ones I’ve read. Bold what you’ve read, and italicize what you have in your LT library. Scary Stories (Series) by Alvin Schwartz Daddy’s Roommate by Michael Willhoite I Know Why the Caged […]

Weekly Geeks #19 – The year’s best (so far), plus a Read-a-Thon alert

Weekly Geeks #19 – The year’s best (so far), plus a Read-a-Thon alert

Dewey‘s trying to get a headstart on the year-end book wrap-up with Weekly Geeks #19: I want to have Weekly Geeks come up with one big Best of 2008 list. Here’s how I see it working. First, this week, your WG theme is to list your top books published in 2008. I’m not asking for any specific number of favorite books, because some people don’t read many brand new books. If you’ve only read two […]

What’s that sound on my radio?

If you’ve seen any of my iPod Random Ten posts, you know that my musical preferences are a bit hard to classify, and I like it that way – which is one reason I tend to find radio so frustrating. I’m old enough to remember when radio stations weren’t locked into as specific formats as they are now. Granted, the “Top 40” stations frequently did play the same songs every few hours, but there were […]