Poetry post followup

(Oh, by the way, just in case anyone was wondering – I’m done with jury duty! It’s “one day or one trial” by law here, and I didn’t get put on a trial, so I’m off the hook for at least another year.)

I messed up in my Weekend Assignment poetry post yesterday by not giving proper credit to my true favorite poet, my sister Teresa. The woman composes the invitations for her sons’ birthday parties with rhymes tied to their themes, and most famously wrote a poem outlining the duties of a club treasurer for an organization conference. I hope she will accept this public apology for overlooking her earlier. Truly, I meant no disrespect!

She sent me this via e-mail – I can’t convince her to start a blog of her own – and agreed to let me post it here. Please welcome my new guest blogger!

In my home
I write a poem
I dedicate to you
Since you’re in court
I’ll keep it short
Just a line or two
As you sit there and wait
For a case to debate
May your number not come up.
Just read your book
Come home and cook
And then go walk your pup.

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  1. Yous sister is good. You should keep trying to convince her to start her own blog. If you just link to her everyday she’d have a built in audience…

  2. Mike – I’ll send her the comments so she’ll know this is a friendly place :-). She doesn’t really think she has the time for a blog (hey, who does? but here we are anyway), but she writes well and needs an outlet.

  3. Kiva – She does read over here, so hopefully she’s seen all the encouragement! If not, I’ll make sure I tell her to check these comments.