Just pick one already – by design

This forced-choice exercise is stolen, as always, from Meg Fowler. Furnishing and decorating a home involves lots of decisions; mine are underlined.


Floor lamps or table lamps or sconces? (note: not scones. everyone prefers a scone…)

Low lighting or major lighting (when there is no natural light)? (I always care about having enough light to read.)

Window treatments or simple shades/rod and drape?

Big TV in the living room, or hidden away in a den or bedroom?

Photographs everywhere, or mostly just art? (We’ve got some pretty arty photographs, actually…)

Wood or metal?

Light woods or dark woods?

Chairs that recline or chairs that… well, they’re chairy

Smooshy couches or structured couches?

Indie furniture stores or big chains?

Tidy or cluttered?

FILL IN THE BLANK BONUS: Favorite room to decorate? Bedroom

Living room off-limits, or that’s where your family hangs out?

Design-focused furniture or traditional, common shapes?

Big, bold prints or smaller patterns/prints?

Antique or modern?

Major colors or neutrals with a bit of color?

Lots of different textures, or just a bit?

Great room/open concept or contained spaces?

Fragrance (candles, etc.) or none?

Get things decorated for you, or do it yourself?

Create an overall look right away, or build it over time? (This would change if I came into a lot of money, though)

Form or function, overall?

Your turn – in the comments or on your own blog!

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  1. OK. I have time for this now:
    Table lamps
    Can I say medium lighting?
    Window treatments, ours need work
    Big TV in the living room
    Photographs, not a whole lot though
    wood, dark wood
    Chairs that recline
    Smooshy couches
    Big chain furniture stores
    cluttered, not on purpose though

    nothing exciting. we hang out in our living room too. The way the house is set up, it works best.

  2. Mike – Same here. Of course, we’re in an apartment and not a house…it’s one big main room (kitchen/dining/living area) and the three bedrooms. The Wii is exiled to my stepdaughter’s bedroom, but otherwise the living room is the main place. (And of course you went with the big TV in there – guys always go for the big TV :-D).

    I noticed that you stopped partway through – got distracted, or just didn’t really care? 🙂

  3. Here is the rest. 🙂
    I don’t decorate much, family room?
    Traditional furniture. no weird stuff
    Smaller prints, if any.
    little texture
    semi-open. i like the kitchen closed off in case I ruin something in the stove. 🙂
    No fragrances
    Decorate for me. definitely
    build over time, same reason as you
    function overall

    I don’t do much decorating, but this is what I would do, if I knew how…

  4. Mike – I wish I had the chance to do more of it. My husband keeps buying those lottery tickets, so maybe some day… 🙂