Every month is NaBloPoMo

Can’t wait till November for your daily-posting-for-a-month madness to start, but didn’t want to commit to the post-every-day-for-a-year requirements of Blog365? (Can’t blame you for that one…) Starting March 1, National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is every month; you can make a month-by-month decision to post every day for thirty or thirty-one consecutive days – but you won’t be able to ease into it with a 29-day month, since it doesn’t begin till February’s over.

NaBloPoMo really helped me get into a consistent, regular posting routine, but I’m not sure I’m going to sign up for the new version just yet. I post nearly every day as it is, but the timing’s not really ideal for me to promise that I’ll do it right now. I’ll be back at some point, though, and you’ll be the first to know.

Here are the new terms of NaBloPoMo:

NaBloPoMo is going monthly.

This means that you’ll have twelve opportunities a year to jump-start your blogging by posting thirty (or thirty-one, or twenty-eight, or you know what I mean) days in a row with a bunch of other crazy people!

No, the new monthly NaBloPoMo is just meant for people who want to try setting the habit of blogging by doing it thirty (etc.) days in a row starting any time of the year.

So! Starting March 1, we will have:

1. A different theme to blog on every month. This is TOTALLY OPTIONAL, the monthly theme is for people looking for a little more structure for their posting. Sometimes limits free us to think in new ways.

THE THEME FOR MARCH IS: LISTS. Post a list every day! Or not! It’s completely up to you!

2. There will be a new blogroll every month to list that month’s participants. To get your blog linked on the monthly blogroll you need to do two things:

a. Type up your BLOG NAME and URL exactly like this: Your Blog Name

b. Paste it into an e-mail and send it to nablopomo@gmail.com.

Any links that are not in this exact format will not be put on the blogroll.

3. There will be pne prize each month, a $20.00 gift certificate to the online shopping emporium of the winner’s choice. Amazon, Powell’s, Etsy, etc. The winner of the prize will be randomly drawn from the pool of people who blogged the whole month without missing a day, no cheating.
November will still be the “official” NaBlo month, and it will be the only month where we do a giant random giveaway of prizes donated by NaBlo members. This way November will stay extra special, and we won’t have to over-tax the community’s generosity.

Never a dull moment in Blogland.

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  1. Literary Feline – I hope you do decide to join in one month. It’s rather addictive. I’ll do it again at some point this year. Just wanted to help spread the word; it went out via e-mail to NaBloPoMo participants, but that’s certainly not everyone.