What’s great about the Golden State

Busy Mom lost a wager with Matthew at Child’s Play x2 (which I’m adding to my “dad blogs” subscriptions) over the Tennessee Titans/San Diego Chargers playoff game last week, and her payment was a post in praise of California. I think she did pretty well at hitting the high points for someone who claims to have spent less than 48 hours of her entire life in the state, so here’s her list, with comments added by me (because you know I have to make some, particularly since I’m speaking as a Tennesseean-turned-Californian).

Why California Rocks
by Busy Mom

1. California’s governor can beat up your governor. (Other states have governors. We have The Governator.)

2. There’s plenty of time to get lots of work done while you’re waiting in traffic. (This isn’t as true as one might think, since most of the time when you’re waiting in traffic you’re driving your own car, and although many people do multitask while driving, few do it safely or well.)

3. All the cool tech conferences are there. (And so is Comic-Con!)

4. Beautiful natural attractions: Redwood and Yosemite Parks, Mount Shasta, Big Sur, Britney Spears (OK, I’ve got to question that last one. Britney’s not exactly beautiful lately, and I have major doubts about the “natural” part as well.)

5. Spectacular architectural landmarks: the Golden Gate Bridge, Hearst Castle, In-N-Out Burger (I still think that Tennessee’s Back Yard Burgers beats In-N-Out overall, but it’s a different style of burger and the world needs them both.)

6. Exciting family vacation destinations: Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, beautiful beaches (What, not Death Valley?)

7. Performing arts: opera, symphony, Hollywood Bowl, moviemaking (although not right now – the writers are on strike, have you heard?), those people in costumes outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater, pretty much everyone on Venice Beach…

8. Sports: premier golf courses, professional teams, finding housing under $900K (That last item is the real adventure of California life.)

9. Beautiful weather year-round in much of the state. (I really can’t snark too much on this one, but SoCal Mom had some observations on our recent winter rainstorms. The weather is probably one of the things I miss least about the Southeast.)

If you live in California – or just like to visit – please share why you think it rocks! (And this time I’m not talking about earthquakes.)

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  1. Madame M. – Sometimes I get the feeling you miss this place :-). I’ll look forward to reading your next post about California; you wrote a great one during the fires a few months ago (I’d link to it, but I can’t quite figure out your archives).

  2. ChildsPlayx2 – You’re welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

    As for the address, what can I tell you? I thought the blog title was supposed to be part of it…but I was a noob back then, and I’d do it differently now!

  3. I’m with you on number 2. You really have to pay attention to what’s going on around you, even when stuck in traffic that is moving at a crawl.

    I don’t like In-N-Out Burger. They don’t serve anything I’ll eat.

    Finding affordable housing is a real challenge here. I probably couldn’t afford the house I live in if I had to buy it today. 🙁

    I can think of more reasons why I don’t like California than why I do, I’m afraid. And yet here I stay. My life is here. My job, my family, and the weather is the best part, no doubt. And truth be told, I’d probably find reasons to complain about anywhere I chose to live! Haha

  4. Literary Feline – I think Madame Meow would trade places with you. 🙂

    But it’s true, no place is perfect – and that means fast-food places too. If you’re a vegetarian, or just not a red-meat eater, In-n-Out is not going to work for you.