Bookworms Carnival #7 – more looking back at the Books of ’07

The 7th Edition of the Bookworms Carnival is posted at Reading With Becky, and this is my first time as a participant. The theme for the carnival was “Best of 2007,” and I submitted my review of my “Book of the Year,” Eat, Pray, Love. Click the link to the Carnival post to check out the dozens of book reviews and lists that were submitted.

The Carnival is a monthly event founded by Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf – you can click the graphic above for more information on the how it works. It’s a monthly themed event designed “to build the community of book bloggers. You don’t have to have a books blog to participate, though; bloggers are welcome to submit any post relevant to the current theme from any blog.”

Upcoming themes and hosts are:

Edition 8 hosted by: The Book Ninja
Deadline for submission: February 8
Theme: The Geography of Make-Believe: a fantastic voyage through the magical, mythical, and mystical
To submit a post, email: thebookninja at gmail dot com

Edition 9 hosted by: The Armenian Odar
Deadline for submission: March 14
Theme: Women in Literature
To submit a post, email: armenianodar at yahoo dot com

Edition 10 hosted by: Reader In the Louvre
Deadline for submission: April 13
Theme: Latin American literature/authors
To submit a post, email: admin at inthelouvre dot org

Edition 11 hosted by: Scooter Chronicles
Deadline for submission: May 9
Theme: Contemporary/Urban Fantasy (for suggested reading, click here)
To submit a post, email: srf at soundchaser dot org

If you’re always on the lookout for good books and/or good blogs, The Bookworms Carnival is worth checking out!

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  1. Thanks so much for promoting the carnival! Looking forward to reading your submission. And I hope you’ll keep participating any month you can.

  2. Literary Feline – It was easy to submit to this particular carnival, since I didn’t have to read or write anything new! πŸ™‚

    Dewey – I’d like to participate in the carnival again, depending on the theme, but I’d be glad to promote it even if I don’t have a submission. Thanks for getting it started!