A Christmas gift: Super-duper Nerd Alert!

Merry Christmas! Here’s a little gift from me to you…

If you’re not one to embrace your inner geek/nerd/dork, there’s probably not much for you in this post. (Or in this whole blog, come to think of it, but you’re welcome to stay anyway!)

On Fridays at the Work It, Mom! Blog, Mir gives Nataly a day off and posts a “Casual Friday” link roundup, and she will have my enduring gratitude for bringing The Park Bench – A gathering place for nerdy women (and nerdy men of discriminating taste) to my attention. (You may recall that my nerd credentials are not only well-established, they’ve been documented.)

It’s a group blog, and features a nerd’s-eye perspective on pop culture and the “News of the Day,” which is an intermittent roundup rather than an actual “daily” occurence – there have been three in December so far, with the most recent post here (the first item in it is very good news as far as I’m concerned, since my affection for a certain Daily Show host has also been documented).

Recent posts include movie reviews of Sweeney Todd and Juno, a preview of anticipated 2008 cultural highlights (awesomely titled “Goodbye, 2007. Don’t let the space-time continuum hit your ass on the way out.“), and an indispensable guide to “50 Nerdy Things to Do Before You Die.” I don’t want to ruin the whole thing for you, but here are a few suggestions that I like:

“Accidentally” get locked in a bookstore for seven or eight days. (Hey, that’s actually one of my fantasies! As long as the bookstore also has a coffee shop, that is…)

Become an editor and get paid to correct other people’s grammar errors. (This may be my personal favorite – anyone else up for it?)

Feel again like you felt the first time you saw “Star Wars.” (Bonus points if you’re old enough to have seen it in its original run, when it was Star Wars and NOT “Episode IV,” as the kids know it today…)

Figure out what the hell “Lost” is about. [This item also works for “The Prisoner,” “Twin Peaks,” “Cloverfield,” and the popularity of Oprah.] (There should be a prize for this one.)

And then we have the suggestions for vacations that Tall Paul and I might actually consider taking:

Visit the yet-to-be-made Harry Potter theme park.

Visit the yet-to-be-made Harry Potter theme park and try not to cry tears of girly joy.

See at least one game at all existing Major League Baseball ballparks. (Hey, that’s one of my real-life ambitions! How did they know?)

Go to the Superman Festival in Metropolis, IL.

Visit Riverside, Iowa, future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.

Surprisingly, neither Roswell nor Area 51 made the list – maybe they’re just too obvious?

Anyway, it’s not like I need to add another Google Reader subscription, but yes, I do need to add this one.

*This week’s “Ten on Tuesday” is “10 Best Presents Ever Given to You.” I am not too good at remembering that sort of thing, let alone ten of them, so I’m not playing this time, but go and visit the main post to see what others have to say! And again, Merry Christmas!

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