NaBloPoMo – all over but the reviews

A post a day for 30 days. That’s all anyone had to do. And now it’s done. (Actually, according to my NaBloPoMo tag, I did 50 posts in 30 days. Yikes.)

The daily-posting part wasn’t so hard for me, since I was almost doing that anyway. I made it a little tougher on myself because I’m a stickler; I don’t always feel that memes are “real” posts, so I’ve felt the need to do two posts a day on some days when one post was a meme. I’m an inconsistent stickler, though, since a “non-daily” meme that involved more writing might be allowed to stand as the post for a day, especially if that day fell on a weekend.

I did add a few new blogs to my Reader subscriptions this month, and I’ve been working on my blogging-community relationships via the wonderful “post a comment” feature, but exploring new-to-me blogs is probably the aspect ofNaBloPoMo that I was weakest in, and would try to improve next time around.

I’m really glad I joined in on NaBloPoMo. I’d do it again next year, too. I think the timing presents a challenge, since Thanksgiving happens in the midst of it, but unless NaNoWriMo gets rescheduled, I doubt this Na..Mo is going to move either. (Could be worse, though – could be December.) However, now that it’s reached the last day, I’m looking forward to going back to having my weekends mostly off from blogging…and I actually won’t be around my computer this weekend, so see you on Monday!

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  1. It was fun reading you, that’s for sure. I hope a lot of the bloggers I’ve become attached to — including you, dear — decides to keep doing frequent postings.

  2. Thanks to both of you for reading and commenting! I’ve been enjoying your blogs this month too (Literary Feline, I know you didn’t do NaBloPoMo, but you still looked pretty busy!).

    I’ll probably be back to near-daily posting on weekdays as of next week, but not regularly on the weekends, and no promises during late December! I hope to see you back here, and I’ll be keeping up with your posts, too.