Ten on Tuesday: Ten Things You’ve Been Putting Off

Some of these things matter more than others.

  1. Updating the beneficiaries on my insurance policies and retirement accounts since I got married – nearly a year ago!
  2. Sorting out my closet and packing up some – OK, probably quite a lot of – clothes to give to charity
  3. Finding a place to release/BookCross those books that are wandering around in the trunk of my car – or at least donating them to the Friends of the Library
  4. Making a new will
  5. Taking my car in for 100K (and then some)-mile maintenance (but at least I’ll take it for an oil change this weekend)
  6. Starting on my Christmas lists
  7. Updating my rėsumė
  8. Cleaning up my office, which isn’t quite a Federal disaster area, but isn’t far off
  9. Making some changes to my blog template
  10. Cleaning up old e-mails and Excel files at work

Since I had TWO people quit my department on Monday – one effective immediately – I think some of these things will be getting put off for awhile longer.

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