“Feeding” the need to read

I’m trying to find ways to manage my blog reading, since it’s come close to getting the better of me a few times lately. Ironically, reading too many productivity blogs keeps you from getting very much done. I haven’t really found the blogs I read through random searching. The first few came via major and/or mainstream media websites like Salon, Slate and Amazon.com’s blogs. I’d follow their links to various posts, and then I discovered […]

Just finished: “Abundance”

Abundance: A Novel of Marie AntoinetteSena Jeter Naslund from the book cover: Marie Antoinette was a child of fourteen when her mother, the Empress of Austria, arranged for her to leave her family and her country to become the wife of the fifteen-year-old Dauphin, the future King of France. Coming of age in the most public of arenas, the young queen embraces her new family and the French people, and she is embraced in return. […]

Unsolicited advice for the newbie

(Wow, I guess this counts as being “published!” I’ve submitted an article related to this post to Work It, Mom! and it was posted today!) Dear Chris, (Since you blog under your real name, I’m not afraid to use it here.) Congratulations! You’re about to take the first step into your post-college professional life. If what I’ve been reading lately is true, you could have as many as 8 jobs before you’re 30, so you […]

Booking Through Thursday – “Dessert first?”

Booking Through Thursday is a blog that posts a reading-related question every week. You’re supposed to answer the question on your own blog, then go back to the original post and add a comment linking to your response. It seems like a cool way to discover new blogs (and get them to discover you, too), so I’m trying it for the first time with this week’s question. Do you cheat and peek ahead at the […]

Family issues from all angles…

Kelly Watson, one of the bloggers on Work It, Mom!, posted yesterday about domestic division of labor. One of her best points was made as part of a self-described rant: women don’t inherently have more skills in home-keeping or child-raising just because we’re women, and the partners/fathers in our lives are just as capable at the these things as we are. We need to do more than just encourage their participation – we need to […]

I’m not the only one who wonders

It’s kind of sad that I haven’t posted anything for a week. The feed reader got really backed up – hey, I keep finding interesting stuff and adding it! – and I’m starting to leave comments here and there on other blogs, but it seems like the more time I spend on those, the less I have for my own. (And then there’s the paying job, which still feels like it will never be caught […]

I read, therefore I am…who, exactly? A “mom-blogger” or not?

I’m a relatively new resident of the “blogosphere,” both as a participant (as you can tell from the archives) and as a reader/follower. I follow blogs on various topics – productivity and self/life improvement, career and work life, pop culture, news, and quite a few I have tagged as “just for fun.” My interest in women’s issues, lately centered on things related to the topic of “balance” – the whole “mommy wars” thing, “opting out,” […]

Just finished: “Accidental Happiness”

Accidental HappinessJean Reynolds Page(selection for next week’s Book Club meeting) from the book cover: After her husband’s unexpected death at the age of thirty-six, Gina Melrose becomes a “live-aboard” on his boat, docked at a marina in coastal South Carolina, near the home she and Ben once shared. In this temporary, borrowed existence on the water, she settles into numb survival. But Gina finds her life taking yet another dramatic turn late one night when […]

Her eye is on the Milk-Bone; or, a hundred names for “dog”

The new addition to the page sidebar answers to quite a few names, but one hundred is a gross exaggeration. As for her actual name, she was a rescue adoption and it came along with her. She is known as: GypsyMiss GypsyGypsy-GirlPuppy-Girl (she’s almost ten)Gypsy RoseGypsy Belle (she’s from Memphis, after all)Puppy-Face (by her grandma)Funny-GirlFunny FaceFunny-PupPupsterFuzzybuttPrincess FuzzybuttWhatserbuttThe CritterMost Beautiful (I am not objective)Miss ThingDoofusDingusDingleberryNimrod She’s cute (and knows it), she’s smart (but not always, hence […]

I’ve actually been reading other stuff too – happy?

…And reading a bit too much of it when I should be working. Late-spring fever, or maybe overwhelmed and under-motivated. Thinking about a couple of the posts I’ve read this week: The Grrl Genius‘ reflection on good coming from bad, asking the question Do you think it’s possible to ever learn this lesson so that when the bad thing is ACTUALLY HAPPENING you can shrug it off and know that something good must therefore be […]

I read the news today, oh boy…and it was forty years ago today

(I shudder to think how many headlines/titles resembling this one are being written today…) I’ve sometimes joked that the Beatles arrived in America just a few weeks before I did. (I was actually arriving into life, but that occurred in New York, so I still think the analogy works.) Being only three years old on June 1, 1967, however, means that the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band wasn’t a transforming experience for […]