The lion sleeps (tomorrow) night…

…and we’ll be there! My mom-in-law, operator of “Camp Grandma,” has generously purchased memberships in the Zoological Society of San Diego for us all for the last couple of years. She has also donated – again, very generously – to the Society, and was recently thanked with passes for one of their sleepover events. This weekend, Tall Paul, the Tall Kids, and the Short Stepmom (that’s me) will be spending the night overlooking the Africa […]

The American vacation – endangered species?

I took my “summer vacation” in May this year, to coincide with traveling east for my son’s college graduation. We tend to go fairly early anyway, since my husband doesn’t handle heat very well and isn’t up for much activity by mid-summer. The kids took their vacation with their mom this year – it was her turn. But next year it’s ours, and Tall Paul is already planning a road trip to Yellowstone and the […]

That good ol’ Southern cooking

We’d been planning our trip to Tennessee for awhile, ever since we knew what the date of my son’s college graduation would be. We had in mind several places we definitely wanted to visit – the Memphis Zoo (despite the irony of spending part of your vacation at the place you used to work), Graceland (TallGuy’s choice), and Great Smoky Mountains National Park – and more nebulous plans for other days. And we definitely had […]