Picturing My September Reading ARC(s)


I think it’s too early yet for Halloween decorations, but apparently not for Halloween-ish reading. That’s one of the hazards of freelance book reviewing, though. I need to get reviews for October releases submitted during September, and that’s why I started reading Stacy Schiff’s The Witches: Salem, 1692 (out October 27) this weekend. Between Gods: A Memoir by Alison Pick (pub date October 20) is the second of the two October ARCs I plan to review for Shelf Awareness. 


Despite (because of?) my years of Catholic schooling, I’m not religious, but I have an abiding interest in religious studies, and memoirs about struggles with faith and spirituality are one of my “Kryptonite” genres.


I intended to review these two September ARCs for the Shelf, but they both publish before mid-month and I couldn’t get to them before the editorial deadline. I’m still going to read them both–I got through one-third of Sisters in Law before setting it aside for the October galleys.

I got these two ARCs just because I wanted them. Memoir is my most-read nonfiction genre; as I learn more about it, I become a more discerning reader of it, and Mary Karr is one of the pros. Anna Lefler is a friend, and I’m very excited to be a first reader of her first novel!


And during my commute this week, I’ll be one of the last to read an audiobook that’s been out for nearly a year–my library hold just came in!


What’s in your TBR for this week? Do you plan it out any further than that?

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