Celebrating Poetry and Libraries With a Special Guest

I hate to admit how long it’s been since I visited a library, but I have some family members who are covering for me. One of them is my sister Teresa, an elementary-school librarian. I have admitted on several occasions that poetry doesn’t do much for me, but my sister has been writing it for decades.

April marks the annual observance of two literary events, National Poetry Month and National School Library Month. To commemorate both, Teresa wrote an original poem celebrating reading and posted it to her Facebook feed. I am honored that she graciously agreed to let me share it with you here.
from A Poem Celebrating Reading, for National Poetry Month & National School Library Month
There are stories and adventures,
Classic tales for young and old;
Books about space and rattlesnakes-
A girl who weaves straw into gold.
A giving tree, a cat, a hat,
Engage both old and young.
A wimpy kid, a Demi-god, 
Some mysteries and fun.
The treasures in each book read,
Escape as pages turn,
We keep some characters in our heads,
We process and we learn.
Sometimes characters become like friends,
We care about their paths, their end;
Even when a series’ final book is done,
We simply cannot help it, we want another one.
Some authors write so lyrically, 
Some charm us with their wit;
Some challenge us to reassess
If the jury should acquit.
Some keep sleep from coming,
With their twists and turns of plot.
Some make us laugh out loud
At a very funny spot.
There are so many stories, 
I wish I had more time.
To curl up and read for hours,
It would be (sigh) sublime.
-Teresa A. DeGagné 

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