WW: Dog Days, in #JustOneParagraph

There are actually three dogs here in front of “Two Salty Dogs”–they are Auggie, Max, and Cole, they’re on Facebook, and occasionally, they blog. While I can’t vouch for their salt content, I can confirm that they were pretty damp and sleepy as they basked in the warm sunshine of coastal Maine on a June morning. I suspect that they’d had some playtime out in the harbor, and we came upon them during their recovery period. If you’ve ever lived with a sporting dog of the Retriever variety (Labrador, Golden, Flat-coat, Curly-coat) you know they can’t resist the water, because they’ve been bred not to. And in my observation, a tired, damp black Lab is usually a very contented black Lab.

The mascots of Two Salty Dogs Pet Oufitters, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Today’s post is a twofer, with JustOneParagraph to go with today’s Linked-Up Wordless Wednesday theme, “Dog Days.”


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