Books on the Move, in #JustOneParagraph

Earlier today, I declared my serious intentions to get a bunch of books out of my house by creating an event on Facebook. I’m repeating myself here, but you can find more details there.

The Big Book Purge Giveaway announcement

I’m clearing my shelves of books I’ll only read once–and books I’ll probably never read at all. FREE for the taking–paperbacks, hardcovers, and galleys in a variety of genres and styles (mostly for adult readers, but there may be a few kids’ books in the mix). This is not an online or virtual giveaway. If you can come and get ’em, you can leave with as many books as you can carry! Please contact me for the address and directions if you’d like to come and take some books off my hands (and shelves! and tables! and floor!). And please feel free to bring a friend!

Just One Paragraph

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