Sunday Salon: The last days of Google Reader

Between the holiday coming up this week and the fact that tomorrow is Google Reader’s not-so-grand finale, I’m thinking that the blogiverse may be on the quiet side for the next little while–so it seems like a good time to post some vacation photos! If you like that sort of thing, there will probably be plenty of it around here for the next couple of weeks, while I catch up on reading and writing.
I only succeeded in dragging the family into one bookstore during our trip to New England, but if there had to be only one, the Village Book Store in Littleton, New Hampshire was worth it, so I’ll start by sharing my pictures from there.
Village Book Shop, Littleton NH

I bought one book there–supporting indie bookstores, of course!–and admired the Staff Recommendations shelf, where someone had the good taste to include Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow.

I did manage to write two reviews and read one entire book during vacation, but has been too much the norm lately, blog-reading fell by the wayside. But I’ve made some progress on that front during the last couple of days, and I hope to be back in step with that before too long. (If the blogiverse actually is quiet for the next little while, it’ll help!)

On that note, have you decided on what you’ll use to keep up with your blog subscriptions once Google Reader retires on July 1? (Yes, that really is happening, and it really is happening tomorrow!) I switched over to Feedly a couple of years ago as a GR interface/overlay–and so I guess I was more prepared to lose GR than some were–but it’s now developed its own independent infrastructure and is officially supporting all my feed subscriptions. It’s also supporting other apps running on its cloud, and although I like Feedly Mobile, I’m giving one of those new partners, Newsify, a try on my iPhone and iPad (it’s iOS only). It’s not quite as pretty as Feedly, but it integrates with more services that I use regularly–most notably Evernote, Readability, and Buffer–and that’s giving it an edge for me right now, although it may not end up being my top choice on the tablet. Lifehacker recommended Mr. Reader as a “power user’s RSS app” (and with my hundreds of subscriptions, I probably qualify) for the iPad, and although I’m just getting acquainted with it, it’s looking like the winner right now.

I’m officially 3% behind on my 2013 Goodreads Reading Challenge goal, but it’s too hot to spend much time out and about in Southern California this weekend, and I have a book-club read and two blog tours this month, so I think I’ll get in some reading time today. How about you?

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