Sunday Salon: Right Here, Right Now (May 5, 2013)

 Time: 7 AM (more or less)

Place: The family room, in the recliner, with my laptop literally on my lap (well, on a lap desk, but still living up to its name)

Eating: Nothing yet–thinking about what I’d like for breakfast this morning

Drinking: Just water right now, but either coffee or tea will soon follow

Reading: I finished Telegraph Avenue yesterday, and Kim and I are talking about it via e-mail today as we get ready to wrap up our readalong on Tuesday. My actual review of the book will probably be separate from that post. Today I’m reading Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline for my book club, and I’m hoping to finish up that Louisa May Alcott biography this month (yes, that would be the one I started in March…).

Listening: We have about two hours left of Life, the Universe, and Everything and I’m pretty current on my podcasts, so I’ll be ready for a new audiobook in another week or so–I just haven’t made up my mind what it’ll be yet.

Making: Preliminary decisions about what books to bring on vacation next month. I’m considering bringing only e-books and audios, but I’ll probably end up with at least a couple of print books in my suitcase too–although they won’t be books with review deadlines! (I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with that particular decision.)

Blogging: Truthfully, it’ll probably continue at its present plodding pace until after we get back from our New England trip (that’s the aforementioned vacation–two weekends in Boston, separated by a few days each in New Hampshire, where my stepdaughter Kate will be attending college next fall, and Maine), except maybe during Armchair BEA week. And that reminds me…

Promoting: Nominations are open this weekend only–and voting begins tomorrow–for the first Armchair BEA Bloggers Choice Book Awards, so if you have a few minutes, please submit your favorites from last year for consideration (these awards will honor books released in 2012):

“We realize that with so many bloggers joining our ranks and participating in our humble event each year, we have a truly golden chance to crowd source the best books of the year before each year! 

“The best part!? There will be an onsite live-streamed event. A real awards ceremony with trophies and cool stuff! We’ll try to see what authors will be at BEA and able to come accept their awards. 

“We need you to help spread the word and fill in these handy dandy nomination forms….You have the entire weekend to nominate. The top three books with the most unique votes will go to the voting round. Monday we’ll begin voting!”

Enjoying: Making a big dent in the ol’ feed-reader backlog…the old-fashioned way. (I’m not commenting much, but I am reading!)

Avoiding: Spending too much time outside until the smoke from the Springs wildfire dissipates. We’re not far from where most of it’s been burning–in fact, Tall Paul and I were driving through the area just last weekend.

Springs fire as seen from Westlake Village, CA Photo by Paul Vasquez
The Springs fire as seen from Thousand Oaks, 5/3/2013; photo by Paul Vasquez

Anticipating: Seeing Iron Man 3 this afternoon (although not quite as eagerly as I’m anticipating Star Trek Into Darkness two weeks from today).

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! How’s your weekend going?

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