Sunday Salon: Right Here, Right Now (April 28, 2013)

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A hiking trail in Simi Valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time: Mid-morning, Sunday. Starting this at 9:40 AM with the hope to be done before 10:30, especially since not much has changed since last Sunday. (Finishing at 11:25 AM, thanks to assorted distractions.)

Place: At my dining room table in Simi Valley, California, where it’s sunny and 63 degrees, with a forecast high of 82. (Again, not much change since last week…)

Eating: Toast with Nutella, or Breakfast, Part 2 (not to be confused with “second breakfast.”

Drinking: Water and coffee, alternating.

Reading: Section IV of Telegraph Avenue for #readchabon check-in #3 (tomorrow) and starting on the May selection for She Reads (my first with that online book club). I haven’t done very well at finishing books this month, but all things in other areas of my life considered, I’m not feeling too bad about my reading pace right now.

42, The Answer to the Ultimate Question (via Zemanta / Wikipedia)
English: 42, The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Watching: Nothing right now, and we’re pretty near current on the DVR, so I’m not sure what it’ll be later.

Listening: The Hitchhiker’s Audio Adventure has moved on to Life, the Universe, and Everything, which was my least favorite of the original Douglas Adams trilogy (when it actually was only three books) and the one I’ve never re-read until now. I’m curious to see if I like it better this time.

Making: Plans, and backup plans, and contingency plans. They don’t affect the blog, but if any of them pan out, they may make me an even more inconsistent blogger than what I’ve become lately, which leads to…

Blogging: Confession: my blogging is somewhat on autopilot right now, and I’m managing not to mind it all that much. I have so many things going on in other areas of my life lately that I have to choose a few other things not to stress over quite so much, and blogging will just have to be one of them.

Promoting: There’s still plenty of time to register for Armchair BEA, and almost 200 people have already done it (although I’m not yet one of them, so I really need to get on that)! The official agenda is now posted, with two daily featured themes; this year, each day will highlight a particular book genre for discussion in addition to a blogging-focused topic.

Tuesday, May 28: Introductions & Classics
Wednesday, May 29: Blogger Development & Genre Fiction
Thursday, May 30: Giveaways & Literature 
Friday, May 31: Ethics & Non-Fiction
Saturday, June 1: Keeping it Real & Children’s/Young Adult Literature
Sunday, June 2: Armchair BEA Wrap-Up

(Disclosure: I am a co-founder and current team member of Armchair BEA).

Enjoying: An extended weekend, for no particular reason–I took Friday and tomorrow off from work just because I needed a break from a hectic month!

Avoiding: See above re: “blogging.” Confession: I hate when bloggers blog about what they can’t talk about (“…but it’s really exciting, and I’ll have a big announcement soon!”), but I feel like I’m being of those bloggers right now. That said (and as I said earlier), the things I can’t talk about don’t really have much to do with the blog, so in that context, it doesn’t really matter that I can’t say much about them; I just feel that I should mention that they’re diverting me from the blog these days.

Anticipating: My birthday gift of a spa day will take place tomorrow, exactly a month after my birthday. I am really looking forward to that pedicure!
How’s your weekend going?

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