When in Doubt, List; or,Ten Things on Thursday

I haven’t had time for proper post-composing for the last couple of weeks, but I’m killing some time staying late at the office on Wednesday before leaving for a meeting at a location in between work and home, so you’ll end up getting this stream-of-consciousness listy thing on Thursday.

  1. This blog will be six years old nine days from now! Because March 16 is a Saturday, and I don’t post on Saturdays as a general rule, the official blogiversary observation post will probably be the following day’s Sunday Salon. Assuming I can make time to write such a post, that is…
  2. …because writing time has been very hard to come by lately. February was a big required-reading month that didn’t leave many opportunities for writing that wasn’t associated with said reading, and Busy Season at Work is still on for at least another month.
  3. But my only reading commitments in March are for the freelance-reviewing gig and Softdrink‘s Little Women read-along, so I’m breathing a little easier already. I’ve started a new audiobook and am hoping to finish a couple of e-books I began reading in January, but put aside when last month’s deadlines loomed.
  4. April’s reading calendar looks pretty similar to March’s right now–that is, not very structured aside from freelance reviews and another read-along. That one will be Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue, with Kim (who watched me geek out over a galley at BEA last year, and was quite surprised that I hadn’t read it yet!).
  5. Speaking of Book Expo America, the BEA Bloggers’ Conference, and related matters: This is my official declaration that I am not going this year. I will miss the fun of being with my tribe face-to-face–and at this point, I’d be going more to hang out with friends than to get books–but I’m taking a break from that particular cross-country excursion in 2013.
  6. BUT…we ARE planning a family trip to New England in June! We’re working out specifics right now, but the current scenario has us starting and ending in Boston, driving up through New Hampshire and into Maine
    A political and geographical map of New England
    A political and geographical map of New England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    . I grew up in Connecticut and Boston is one of my favorite cities, but I haven’t been there for almost 15 years, and the entire region will be new to my native-Californian family. Got any suggestions about things to see and do? My husband is especially interested in likely places to see moose.

  7. Speaking of travel, I was on a work trip in Sacramento last week. Despite the fact that it’s not exactly a buzzing hive of activity, I didn’t end up with as much time to catch up on reading and writing as I’d hoped.
  8. I have a huge collection of articles on Readability that I want to revisit and write about, but when I look at all the other things I have going on right now, that doesn’t always seem like the best way to spend my limited time. That said, I get restless and edgy when I go for too many days without writing.
  9. I also get edgy and restless when too many days of unread blog posts pile up, and have found that I actually prefer the momentary guilt that “mark all as read” produces to that particular source of tension, and feel that after a while, it’s easier to start fresh than play catch-up…especially since we’re not exactly talking about episodic drama here. Which reminds me–have I missed any big episodes of blogger drama lately?
  10. I did photograph some interesting things in Sacramento, even I didn’t find much else there very interesting. Here’s one of them.
Tower Bridge at sunset, Sacramento, CA, February 2013  www.3rsblog.com

So what’s been going on with you lately? You don’t have to share ten things, but I’d love to know at least one!
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