Sunday Salon: So Many Books, So Little Time……

…and yet, I keep adding to the stacks. For those of you who are interested in that sort of thing, the current count of inmates in TBR Purgatory stands at 517. I think that number is overstated, to be honest, because I’m reasonably certain I’ve purged some books without taking them out of my LibraryThing catalog…but I can’t say exactly how overstated it might be. One of these days (it may require two, or even three, to be honest) I really need to take a physical inventory of the books in this house, but that’s one more thing there’s so little time for.

Oh well. We went to the bookstore yesterday in search of some new reading material for my 13-year-old stepson, who is in the unfortunate situation of being between books right now; he didn’t really find what he was after, but I came home with four books from my wish list:

books acquired 3/9/2013

I have no idea when I’ll get to any of them, but at least I know they’ll be waiting. Meanwhile, here’s what I am reading currently, and all but the first are non-required reading. After a very scheduled February, I’m really appreciating that!
THE CAT, by Edeet Ravel
for review (elsewhere first. here later)

Little Women is for the #marmeeon read-along; the Louisa May Alcott biography is supplemental material (and is being liberated from TBR Purgatory after two years in residence)
Listening to this memoir, which caught my attention when it won the 2013 Grammy Award for Best Spoken-Word Recording
The audiobook is on hold for the weekend, since I only “read” those in the car, but I’m looking forward to devoting some time to each of the other books today. What are you reading this week?

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