Wordless Wednesday: The Oscar Goes To…

TARDIS Cosplayers at Gallifrey One (photo by Paul Vasquez) www.3rsblog.com
…for “Best Interpretation of a Time- and Space-Traveling Object”:
The TARDIS Girls (and a Couple of Guys) of Gallifrey One, 2013

Original photo by Paul Vasquez (edited with Snapseed, text added with Phonto)
TARDIS pinafore* by Amanda Marin/Darling Army
TARDIS-printed waist-cincher corset* by Yuly Springer/Butterfly Frillies

Linked-Up Wordless Wednesday has two new players this week, and our theme is inspired by this weekend’s Academy Awards ceremony. Please check out “The Oscars” bestowed by
Desiree Eaglin
Catalina Juarez
Candice Kahn
Susanna Morgan
Kim Tracy Prince

(I think I’m getting the award for “Nerdiest Participant in Linked-Up Wordless Wednesday” this week.)

*Disclosure: All cosplay items were purchased, but I wanted to identify their sources.

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