Picturing July: #photoadayjuly and #dailybookpic

This month, I jumped on the photo-meme bandwagon–not once, but twice. My husband has been participating in #photoaday on Instagram for a few months, and I thought I’d join him in July. (If you’re on Instagram and want to follow, we’re both using our Twitter handles there: I’m florinda3rs and he’s RamsesTMagnum–the only only place where he’s Tall Paul is around here!)

I’m sharing my #photoadayjuly pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but wanted to put a few of my favorites here too. (I’m captioning my pictures with the Phonto app, which is available for both iPhone and Android.)

Since I was already in a photo-hunting, picture-posting mode, I thought I might as well sign on for #DailyBookPic, which was launched this month by Cassandra at Book Riot, while I was at it. I’m not doing this one every day, but when I do, I’m putting my pictures on Twitter, The 3 R’s Blog Facebook page, and the #DailyBookPic Pinterest board. Here’s a small sample:

Are you participating in any photo memes this month? Tell us where, so we can follow you!

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