Friday Foto (Edits): Getting From Here to There

Less than 24 hours after arriving in New York City almost two weeks ago, I was on a Statue Cruises ferry with Kim, Lu, and Teresa, off to visit Ellis Island (although Kim and Lu stopped off to see the Statue at Liberty island first). My camera was with me, and it was a beautiful day out on New York Harbor. I was snapping pictures all along the way.
Some photo ops are setups, and some are gifts. Witnessing these sailboats passing Ellis Island in one direction while our ferry was going the opposite way was a gift; I took several in a series, and this is my favorite (one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken, really).

Sailing by Ellis Island. 6/3/2012 (unedited photo)

I’ll never be the Photoshop wiz my husband is–the software, like his DSLR camera, intimidates me–but I do like playing around with photo-editing tools. My new favorite is PicMonkey, which helped me turn my original photo into the one below (also original, but in a different way).

Sailing by Ellis Island. 6/3/2012 (edited photo using PicMonkey)

The edit was cropped, color/exposure corrected, and makes use of at least one Effects filter (sadly, I did not note which effects I used, but I may have combined a “Basic” and “Camera Look”), Frames (Simple Edge), and Text. When I “monkey” around with a picture this much, I usually sign it, especially if I really like how it turned out–and I’m pretty fond of this one!

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