Sunday Salon on Monday: Various Updates Without a Clever Subtitle

I’m writing this post on Sunday, so technically it’s not late, but it’s not posting until Monday because, as of right now, I’ve only got one other post scheduled for this week and nothing in draft, so I’m spacing my meager contributions out just a bit.

The Sunday Salon

Most of you know the Book Bloggers’ Conundrum well: if you’re reading a lot, you’re probably not blogging, and vice versa. I’ve been reading…and I’m current on reviews for blog tours and Shelf Awareness, so that’s been worthwhile. My next few reads are books just for myself, which will also be worthwhile. I’m digging into the galleys I brought back from BEA 2011…some of those books are coming out in paperback now, so posts about them will appear sort of timely.

Speaking of BEA…it’s just two weeks away! If you’re going, you’re probably getting psyched and planning your week–I know that’s what I’m doing. (And if you’re not going, I hope you’ll be participating in Armchair BEA!) And thanks to an unexpected resolution to my “Con/Uncon” dilemma, I now know for sure I will be splitting my day on Monday, June 4. I’ll start off at the Book Blog UNCON, but I’ll be heading over to the Javits Convention Center around noon–and I’ll be part of a panel at the BEA Bloggers Conference at 1:45 PM.

BEA Bloggers Conference, June 4

The session title is Critical Reviews: Fine Tuning Your Craft. I’m not really acquainted with the other panel members, but I’m hoping for an enlightening discussion on review-writing that’s worth everyone’s time. If you’re more interested in writing than in monetizing your blog (the other session being offered at the same time), I hope you’ll stop by!

But getting back to the Book Bloggers’ Conundrum: it’s sad to admit this so shortly before I’ll be meeting up with lots of fellow bloggers, but reading more books means I’ve been slacking on blog-reading. I’m hoping that since I’m in deadline-free reading/reviewing zone for the next few weeks, I’ll be able to reconnect–and since I’ve just done some long-overdue culling of my feed reader, I hope that helps too!, a new social-media webapp

Having said that, I need to curtail something that doesn’t help: Twitter. Thanks to Klout, I got a beta-invite for a new social-media app called Bottlenose that allows you to follow and post to your Twitter and Facebook streams, in various configurations, all in one place. It’s currently a browser-based webapp, but desktop and mobile versions are in the works–and it’s reinvigorated my Twitter usage, for better and for worse. (You know both sides too, I’m sure; great interaction, great time suckage.) If you’d like to give it a try, I have 10 invites to share–e-mail me at 3.rsblog AT Gmail dot com if you’re interested!

Anyway, I’ll be reading a lot and blogging less than a lot for the next couple of weeks. What have you got planned?

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